Windows 7 - no Blu-ray for you

iTWire writes: "Hopes for native Blu-ray support in Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system have been dashed with confirmation the new OS won't play Blu-ray movies out of the box.

Blu-ray support in Windows 7 will be provided by "PC makers or BRD drive makers," according to Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president of the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group at Microsoft, in a statement published by

"We have new extensibility in media center for those that provide BRD playback to support integrated playback. We do have support for burning BRD data discs," Sinofsky said in an email."

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Eiffel4002d ago

Oh god the hell this will bring to this article.

evrfighter4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )


but seriously let the drive makers refine the blu-ray software first. No point in wasting money doing it themselves. then I'm sure it'll show up in a service pack or patch.

It's not as if pc blu-ray drives are set to overwhelm the pc parts market anytime soon. It really is a safe bet to let the drive makers worry about it until the demand is there.

Their will always be software that plays media just as well as Windows media player if not better. It's not like their saying "Blu-ray is not allowed on 7!!!11"

a fine example would be VLC.

Information Minister4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

So those who develop cutting edge technology are just "wasting money"?
If that's true, than what does that make of Microsoft? A parasite?

Sorry but I just don't agree with you. This is a stubborn decision and it's going to cause Microsoft to fall further behind on an increasingly adopted technology.

EDIT- Not that it makes any difference, we all know how 3rd party software is light-years ahead of windows media player.

evrfighter4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

When I mean wasting money. Why should it have to be M$ fronting the cash to develop the software and not the drive makers themselves? Pretty much like how any other hardware manufacturer does it. You know, like ATI, Nvidia, AMD, Intel why should they cater to a technology that may be cutting edge but not even in demand? let the drive makers develop the software. This isn't coming from some side of a stupid fanboy war because I don't own a ps3 or 360 or Wii.

and as far as 3rd party support. I don't know how far you read into my 10 second comment but I pretty much stated that 3rd party support is usually as good if not better than M$'s using VLC as an example....

you did read that part right? or did your fanboy goggles blind you.

zag4002d ago

You do know that ALL windows drivers are from the device makers and it's up to MS to allow the driver on the device database.

MS would be mad to not have Blu-Ray support because software/games on PC are moving over to Blu-Ray now.

It's starts off with 1-2 games then App devs move over to the new format and then everyone is on it.

Even Windows 7 will end up on Blu-Ray as you won't be able to download Win7 from the net via bios.

Also when all PC software in on Blu-Ray disks MS will be behind the 8 ball with Blu-Ray support lol, I gues the linux camp will just support bluray out the box.

evrfighter4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

"MS would be mad to not have Blu-Ray support because software/games on PC are moving over to Blu-Ray now."

if you could name off 1 pc game/app on blu-ray disc I'd gladly retract my statement.

To date Blu-Ray's only purpose on pc is to watch movie's and backup data. But why do that when I can buy a 1TB HDD for $100 and download blu-ray movies....hypothetically speaking of course as I don't own a blu-ray drive.

solideagle14002d ago

come on MS u can do better than this. lol

solidt124002d ago

This will change. Just watch and see.

MicroSony4Life4002d ago

Good stuff mate, now if majority of the people here on N4G would start posting like you this place would be a better community.

Bubbles up.

Information Minister4002d ago

OK that was totally uncalled for. There was no need for you to insult me. If you can't respect an opinion that opposes your own, than you don't belong in the gamer zone.

BTW you edited your first post and added the part about vlc AFTER I wrote my comment, so the fact that you brought it up on 1.3 just makes you an idiot.

And the good thing about my "fanboy goggles" is that I can take them off, unlike Microsoft's brainwashing which is permanent.

evrfighter4002d ago

ah ya your right I did edit that post right after I wrote it. My bad I didn't bother to check to see if anyone had replied before I hit submit. 9 times out of 10 I usually end up editing a comment right after I post it. Sorry about the insult.

Information Minister4002d ago

No hard feelings. It takes character to admit our mistakes.

kewlkat0074002d ago

Yeah I just bought Crysis on

Argento-Nox4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )


Blu-ray will definitely be the media standard of choice for PC's in the future. Look at PC games nowadays, that now come both in a cd and a dvd format. If your patient, those PC games will move towards blu-ray and dvd versions, as HD gaming becomes the norm. About the only thing I don't expect to change much is general application software that doesn't really need blu-ray size capacity, yet.

MNicholas4001d ago

Windows has built in support for all kinds of obscure technologies but not Blu-Ray.

As for anyone who thinks they can download blu-ray quality movies on to a $100 terabyte drive should first call up their ISP and find out what their bandwidth limits are. Comcast, for example, allows only 250GBs per month. Not bad if you're willing to live with low quality movies but for 1080P/7.1 goodness you're going to be hitting those limits very quickly.

evrfighter4001d ago

No I don't doubt Blu-ray will definately be the preferred choice of programs in the future and will probably end up in my pc when that happens. However at the present there's no need for them on the PC yet as like I stated most people would would go the HDD route unless they are hampered by monthly dl'ing caps.

@kewl kat

What's with the blatant lying? or did you buy a blu-ray burner and stick crysis on it?

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thereapersson4002d ago

What an underhanded way of getting back at the competition. Considering the fact that there is no reason why they SHOULDN'T include native driver / hardware support for Blu-Ray, it must be some sort of vendetta. I know it doesn't make sense from a business perspective, but that's the only reason that I can think of. Perhaps they didn't want to pay the licensing fees to the companies that support Blu-Ray?

Sarcasm4002d ago

"Perhaps they didn't want to pay the licensing fees to the companies that support Blu-Ray? "

Not sure.

But I'm sure they'll gladly accept the licensing fees for having more than two discs on 360 game developers.

And I'm sure they're also glad mooching millions of dollars on XBL and overpriced accessories.

SaiyanFury4002d ago

Meh, whatever Microsoft's motivation to not include BD support in Windows 7, it's a moot point to me. I'm accustomed to going out and finding my own software to do what I want. I got PowerDVD for my brother-in-law who has a BD drive in his new PC and it works very well. Sony may have spurned Microsoft and maybe that's the reason that MS refuses to include native BD support, but as others here have said, they didn't include DVD support either in Windows XP. I found my own solution, so M$ be damned and I care not.

thereapersson4002d ago

Yeah, this is rather puzzling to say the least.

Damn 360 fanboys took 3 of my bubbles in the past week. What a bunch of tools...

evrfighter4002d ago

ah yes that takes me back. back in those days I remember using divx to watch my dvd's on xp. I don't see why current blu-ray software wouldn't work on 7...Vista and 7 use the same kernel and vista programs work just fine on 7. I've yet to experience an issue on my other pc thats running the 7 beta

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NOOBSTATION 34002d ago

should anyone invest into a dying format?

zag4002d ago


PC games are now starting to come out on Blu-Ray disks

evilmonkey5014002d ago

dying? lol...sales are up over 500% from year to year....sounds like a high adoption rate to do you buy your high definition movies?

thehitman4002d ago

You are still able to play blue ray movies etc just MS wont provide the codecs/drivers themselves you have to get them from else where. This BLOG needs to work on their titles.

jay24002d ago

Well I've got a Blu-ray drive so it's fine with me but very f'ed be. just because you faild you should'nt cry in the corner, you should sort your mistakes out.

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