Arc Rise Fantasia - New screenshots

5 new screenshots from Arc Rise Fantasia. Check them out.

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4009d ago Replies(2)
Myst4009d ago

Ooh RPG, may very well get this one when it comes out. Need a good bit of RPGs this generation, being that I seem to have gone back to the PS2 for this.

This one certainly looks promising :).

PS360WII4009d ago

You should get the handhelds if you want some good current rpg action

Myst4009d ago

I have both handhelds and have been looking to some games, but Monster hunter shall be taking up most of my PSP time. In the midst of that I've just grown more accustomed to playing RPGs on a console for some reason :). Maybe I just don't like taking Monster Hunter out of the PSP is all :D

FinalomegaS4009d ago

do we have a eastern release date?

Myst4009d ago

According to this we have 299 days left until release for it

Though I have no clue how if the site is at all very credible or not.

Chris3994009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

It's pegged before the end of 2009, so we'll see what happens. With Marvelous Interactive's relationship with Xseed, I imagine them to pick up the NA publishing rights.

I sent them an e-mail the other day, they usually write me back and drop little hints (did so for WA: XF and Valhalla Knights 2). I'm not an "insider" by any means, just a chatty consumer :)

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

P.S. JRPGs for the Wii this year alone:
- Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
- Sword of Legendia
- Shiren the Wanderer 3
- Muramasa
- "Unnamed" Tales game
- Arc Rise Fantasia
- Rune Factory: Frontier
- Dragon Quest X (possibly, or 2010)

And those are just the "announced" titles. I'm sure there are plenty more in the pipe-line. Honestly, the only reason that I got a Wii was all these darn JRPGs. Oh, and House of the Dead: OK has turned out to be ridiculously fun and trashy :)

PS360WII4009d ago

Looking good. I do hope they bring this title state side :)

4009d ago
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