Want to work on Heavy Rain? Quantic Dream wants you to...

This is from Quantic Dream's support page: "Quantic Dream is the multiple award-winning video game developer of Omikron and Fahrenheit. Being part of our team means sharing in our excitement and inventing, designing and developing some of the industry's most innovative products. Our future depends on bright, highly motivated and talented people who share a passion for creating the best in tomorrow's digital entertainment. Join our international team based in Paris (France) now and bring your talent to create Heavy Rain, an ambitious next generation interactive entertainment experience unlike any other..."

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techie4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Intriguing a publisher?

Siesser4266d ago

Can't wait to play this game. Quantic Dreams is one of the few developers whose product I'd play blindly, without any knowledge of it. As soon asa the game was announced, I wanted in. Not to mention, this is another game where the subtlety of the animation in the trailer was just mindblowing. I love Indigo Prophecy to this day; one of my five favorite gaming experiences ever.

Sadly, I know squat about programming any thing but a TI-83. Can't wait for more news on this game to start flowing. Now we just need to hear from Team Ico.

Apocalypse Shadow4266d ago

if i knew how to program,i'd go there.i took 2 years of french but never got to go there and use my skills.

but i like the way they make games.omikron.indigo prophesy(fequency).they tell stories.and it's cool the way they tell them.

lil bush4266d ago

does anyone know when this game is coming out?