Macs really do cost more than PCs

It's a long-standing bar argument: "Which hardware gives you more bang for the buck, Mac or PC?"

A decade ago, it would've been hard for anyone but loyalists to argue in favor of the Mac. The PowerPC's clock speed lagged the Pentium and other x86 CPUs. Meanwhile, components and peripherals for the Mac such as graphics cards and CD drives were limited and pricey because of Apple's proprietary designs. There was no argument: "for every dollar you spent on a PC, you had to pay about $1.60 to get the same-performing Mac hardware," said Ian Lao, an analyst at In-Stat.

But after Apple switched to Intel processors three years ago, Mac hardware immediately made up a lot of ground against its PC counterparts.

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heroicjanitor4006d ago

They add on like 50% just because people will buy it for the cool factor

IdleLeeSiuLung4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Well, if you buy a Mac you are also buying a service plan for the operating system. I don't use Macs in too much and don't like Apple (or their customers, but that is for another topic), but man drool over their products.

Anyway, a short while back I had to install one of the Adobe Creative Suites and Mac OSX required an update. Software wouldn't install without the update, so I said OK, I will just upgrade like I do on Windows. To my surprise I was forced fork over $80 for the upgrade, so basically I was being held for ransom. You want to use your $1500 piece of software, pay me Apple $80. I guess you an always install Windows on Macs now.

So there you have it, a forced OS service plan. Updates are free on Windows and computers are a lot cheaper. Crashes and other problems are due to shoddy hardware and installation of crappy software.

I have yet to experience Viruses, Trojans and other malware. Windows runs rock solid on all my computers.

SaiyanFury4006d ago

Actually they markup their products to pay for their aggressive advertising. In 2007, Apple's own financial disclosure stated that they spent 10 million dollars on research and development, and 468 million dollars on advertising. It's a little hard to argue with physical numbers straight from their own mouths.

somekindofmike4006d ago

@ IdleLeeSiuLung

Looks like you didn't read the minimum requirements for Adobe CS before you bought it, as by the sounds of it you didn't have the right OS installed for it.

You'd think you'd check the minimum requirements before spending £1500+ on a piece of software?

thesummerofgeorge4006d ago

I used Windows most my computer using life, and had no end of problems... I've never looked back, there are pros and cons for both, but microsoft takes advantage of their customers, more than most companies.

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kewlkat0074006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I have nothing against apple besides the fanboys of it's products but make that sh!t more affordable.

Since some will buy it anyways, I don't think they will.

blackbeld4006d ago

It's worth the money you spent every penny. PC with Windows is fail.

ambientFLIER4006d ago

Macs are absolute fail. The only thing they are good for is making you look like a douche in front of others. "I'm using a Mac!" Go kill yourself!

ali3124006d ago

I have a PC and I used to have a laptop as well. I was curious about the apple macs as we all know they are very slick machines but apparently they are very very different from PC's. I decided I will take the plunge and sold my laptop and bout a MacBook. I can tell you I never regretted the decision, I have had it for about a year and not a single crash, freeze or system errors. The machine is very quite and battery life I found was three times longer than my laptop ( it had vista on it ).

In all fairness I found the functionality to be quite similar to windows and browsing is just as easy. This is only my opinion but I love my MacBook and fell the £699 was well worth the money.

Kyur4ThePain4006d ago

they really do work better.

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The story is too old to be commented.