Boomtown: PC Under Pressure

Boomtown writes: "The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The number of people with some form of gaming technology in their home is at a figure not even dreamt of by the amateur game creators of yore, many of whom probably thought we would all be playing table-top Dungeons and Dragons by 2009."

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evrfighter4005d ago

I agree with some points and glad he didn't start putting up NPD numbers or I would have stopped reading. PC gaming sales has taken form in Digital Distribution and nobody knows exactly how much revenue is being pulled in by Steam and Direct2Drive. My guess is there is a good reason these numbers aren't being released.

I've been looking into upgrades myself but at the moment it seems like the pc has been gettin ports of console games that run just fine on a 3870 or 8800. So now is not the time for an upgrade.

Though I don't know if i'll be able to resist the hd4870 at $150 later this week.

miamikid4005d ago

Wow whats with all this "PC is dead" news lately? World of warcraft alone just shows how alive it is! 12 million people? and so many more playing other online games! come on guys get real!

free2game3654004d ago

The only people who really like World of Warcraft's success are people who play nothing but World of Warcraft.