Can Halo forever be Microsoft's trump card?

Quentyn from AnalogHype writes: "I think it would be an understatement to simply say that Halo is a big franchise. It is one of the most widely recognized entities in the gaming world, and has quickly become THE first person shooter to beat. Has it really come down to just one game for Microsoft?"

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slak4007d ago

but i have halo wars and its fu*king awesome...Halo is a big franchise.....h3=9B dammmmm

ogwilson4007d ago

Yea it seems like Halo Wars will do alot better than I'd originally thought.

MisterNiwa4007d ago

Im looking forward to Halo Carts and Halo Intergalactic Tennis.

Trollimite4007d ago

"can sonic forever be segas trump card"

JsonHenry4007d ago

If someone who has ever played an RTS on a PC, if you could PM me and let me know what you think of Halo Wars on the 360 and give me the pros and cons I would appreciate. I might buy a new (my 3rd) 360 if the game is any good.

Kill Crow4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

If you're not sure how it plays get the demo .... I played loads of RTS on PC but this is the first one I've found playable on console.

Like FPS it's never going to be as good as on PC, but some previous attempts at RTS on console have been dire ... and many expected Wars to follow suit .... but it's actually pretty good ... !!!

SupaPlaya4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

just in the word forever alone. It will last quite awhile, but not forever. Unlike Mario where it has a casual appeal and people would buy them up just because there is the Mario name in it. It also helps that Mario is one of the most well known character/franchise since video games become mainstream.

Master Chief on the other hand is mostly known to gamers, so how it long it last will depend on if future titles can live up to or exceed the quality of current Halo games. Hopefully future spin offs (you know they're coming) would be better than Mario Olympics...

evrfighter4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Sure as hell is working for Nintendo and a certain plumber. But master chief seems like such a generic character.

Out of curiosity's sake and with nothing to do with the article I wonder who's more popular. Gordon Freeman, Master Chief, or Duke Nukem. These are the poster boys of FPS gaming

Although I just threw master chief up there for the sake of console fans. He looks too much like the Doom space marine for me to take him seriously. (space marine) (master chief)

Elven64007d ago

If the quality keeps up then yes, no Halo title has gone below 80% on Metacritic. Although Microsoft does know better then to play their card for too long, previous franchises are a prime example of that.

Its a shame though, Halo is a victim of its own success, their is just so much to explore in the Halo universe (including Marathon), it can all make for a really intriguing story line.

I also picked up Halo Wars and am really enjoying it, reviews above 8 is really what the game deserves, not sure how people have thought it should deserve less. I've played RTS games on console and PC and Halo Wars is a really good console implementation.

When it comes to sales, Halo Wars will probably to better in the long run then Killzone 2. Although both will sell great (Which they both deserve) the Halo name make take Halo Wars further in the long run. Halo 3 is a prime example, it still shows it up in the top 50 (IIRC) sales charts in Europe.

ThanatosDMC4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

So... umm... i bought the game. First of all, yes it is playable on the 360. Tons better than End War that's for sure. It's "ok" for a console RTS but if we were able to use a mouse then the game would be even better.

It lacks the definition of "strategy"... you know how say in AoE3 or any Age of Empires game or all strategy games for that matter... your siege units or ranged units shouldnt do stupid stuff that will make them go closer to melee units. But in this game, it's hard to micromanage that.

So to adapt (why do i have to adapt?!)... i dont control them and move melee units first then move the siege/longer range units. Not moving them will make them attack anything in their range.

Also, i found most missions linear without being able to actually explore the map properly. Linear pathways... why cant it be open? or have multi paths where i could attack.

For the most part, it's a turtle type of game. Compared to starcraft... both sides are always turtles.. and not dynamic bases.

Passable... but at least it's not my money that got me the game... hehehe... It'd be better if they put it on the PCs... preferably Steam.

/end rant

Not for hardcore RTS fans. Losing units because you couldnt go to a certain part of the map instantly... will piss you off.

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chidori6664007d ago

garbage game is halo.... KILL ZONE 2 PWNDS HALO 3 FACT.

NewZealander4007d ago

halo is a good game, i dont think it needs to be compared to KZ2 though, yes the art direction for both games is completely different but both games seem to offer a pretty solid experience.

where halo falls short is story, the wooden emotionless characters seem a bit last gen, i would like to see a bit more seriousness in the story telling.

gears is the new trump card to me, i loved all aspects of the first game and gears 2 added so much more, either way halo and gears are both great games that can easily sell on hype alone.

Eiffel4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Comparing a last gen game to a next gen game.

Talk about a dumbass.

/I agree NewZealander.

euchreprof4007d ago

Killzone 2 > Halo 1-2-3-Wars

die_fiend4007d ago

lol is that why Killzone 2 scored lower than all of them not including Halo Wars? I think you're confusing graphics with gameplay. If Killzone 2 was absolutely amazing, the reviews would've reflected it

Sez 4007d ago

only thing KZ2 does right is the graphics. halo owns KZ2 in gameplay,replayabilty,more features, bungie still support the game with fresh content,forge is great,controls,ect.

4007d ago
Sez 4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

hey dude do me a favor talk what you know. yes i own KZ2 the gameplay for halo is much better. the controls is better and the replayablity is better,more features and bungie still makes content for halo. i'm at the end of KZ2. yes i do own the game. and can't wait til i finish it(which will be tonight) so i can trade it in for RE5 for the 360.

i hate sonyfan that think because someone gives their honest opinion about a game. they automatically think you don't own/played the game. get a F'''in life dude.

@edit: as i said before. the only thing KZ2 does right is the graphics. their nothing in KZ2 that screams innovation. to me it's more of a CoD4 clone with better graphic and alittle more chaotic. thats it thats all. get over it

thanks man. but i'm not worry about him calling me a troll or whatever. he's a kid. and like all little kids they have to resort to name calling because someone doesn't like what they like. he assumes that everyone must love KZ2 because he does. he's no different than the rest of the sonyfan on this site.

II Necroplasm II4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

UltraNova, why are you on this article if you hate the 360? and don't call vega a troll he is just a gamer and I agree and I'm sure many other gamers would also agree with what he said.

and far as gameplay...

Eiffel4007d ago


Get the F off my screen.

MicroSony4Life4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I am not a big fan so just wondering if they ever showed his face.

Eddie201014006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Vega75, The guy wasn't really giving a opinion , he was measuring how good Killzone 2 is by MetaCritic scores. well, guess what the metacritic score is 91, in my opinion if a game gets 90 or above it is equal in quality and gameplay to any game that scores in the 90's, because only idiots would measure a game by tenths and say a game is better because it scored overall a couple of tenths higher, is a couple of tenths even a measurable difference when playing a game. Another thing , even though I don't think any game deserves a perfect score, most of the major gaming sites (Not blogs) scored the game in the upper 90's to a perfect 100, in fact most of the scores are in the upper 90's including blog scores.

After the first Halo, the single player in 2 and 3 were not the greatest nor were the graphics in Halo 3, multi player is great though.

Sorry Ultra Nova.

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ogwilson4007d ago

Yea right, tell that to Nintendo.

v1c1ous4007d ago

sony is experiencing that right now

Parappa The Rappa4007d ago

Youre halfway there.

Crap doesn't last forever.


UltraNova4007d ago

Three guys talking about the same thing but with totally different end points and opinions while all being right!! Wow just wow!

LinuxGuru4005d ago

You're all wrong. Nothing lasts forever. The statement ends there.

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Cajun Chicken4007d ago

Not if MS isn't fully prepared for when Bungie walk away from the franchise.

Kushan4007d ago

Halo Wars isn't made by Bungie and it seems to be doing fine. They'll just pass the torch on to someone else.

jadenkorri4007d ago

didn't bungie already walk away from MS

king dong4007d ago

get a clue ey!

bungie will never walk away from halo! they went indie because they wanted and rightly so, a bigger share of the jackpot everytime they got a halo on the market.

to think that bungie will drop the safety blanket, and guaranteed millions that they will get from every future halo game just shows how niave, and the willingness to believe everything negative that gets wrote by sony fanboys.

why now that bungie are an indie studio, would they risk commercial failures with new, when they are guaranteed bumper paydays by doing what they know best....and microsoft will always get bungie contracts for halo games!

silvacrest4007d ago

in that case i hope rare is up to the job...

Foxgod4007d ago

Lurk more will ya, Halo Chronicles will be made by Peter jacksons studio.
And MS game studio's will be working on Halo4, which consists of former members of Kojima, ensemble and other studio's.

Cajun Chicken4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Well, well, well. It seems like you people seemed to of forgotten what happens when publishers have full control over franchises and whore the franchise out to any developer under the sun after the main developer has lost the scene.
Now Halo Wars is just one game, well guess what, Crash Bandicoot worked for about 1 game after Naughty Dog left the scene, the Spyro games basically collapsed when Insomniac left, don't even mention Earthworm Jim 3D (again, same franchise, same publisher, different developer).

I can't believe how you think that now MS is in total control of the Halo IP as Bungie are moving away from the franchise think that just because of one considered successful jump in genre that everything is safe. Peter Jackson may make a good game, yes, Halo Team might be worthy of what Bungie do, but bear in mind, MS can now alter and retcon anything in the Halo mythos, since virtually owning all full rights and the whole bible again look at;

-Crash Bandicoot
-Earthworm Jim

Its obvious you care more about defending MS as a publisher than the actual Halo franchise and as a Halo (Single Player FPS) lover myself, well, I find that sickening. Because as of now, there is no proof that MS have any equivelent of Ready at Dawn (Daxter, GoW:CoO) and High Impact Games (R&C:SM, SAC). I mean, do you people even realise that Bungie is responsible for the creation of Halo? Guess not. You care more pointlessly praising MS as a publisher who can apparently do no wrong.
MS make mistakes, believe me.

I hope that MS care more about Quality Control than just selling a few more copies of a Halo game. Because this is what it sounds like. Its a very dangerous risk and I worry very much for the future of MC and Halo as a lover of Halo: Combat Evolved and steadily seeing the Halo franchise dip and peak throughout the years.

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