Gamer 2.0: MLB 09: The Show PS2 Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "As someone that's interested in the PS2 version of MLB 09, you should be fully aware that you're not getting as great of a presentation as what the PS3 version offers. That's fine since the PS2 looks very good as it is. The players and environments looks nice and clean enough while you have pretty much the same amount of options for your Road to the Show player to customize his look to what you're allowed to do. The great trio of announcers returns once again to another great season of witty playcalling, observations, and chatter that made them the best sports game announcers for the past few years. The soundtrack is decent fodder for music to listen to in the menus, but may be something you want to turn off once you've heard the same songs for the umpteenth time while continuing your franchise or Road to the Show."

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