GamerTM: Prototype Follow Up Preview

GamerTM writes: "Activision's journey to becoming the world's largest software publisher has been fraught with difficult and confounding decisions. In this gestation period we've learned that it has more faith in broken Crash games than it does Ghostbusters, 50 Cent and Riddick (games that we're pretty excited about, oddly enough). However, given that Activision makes more money in an hour than we are likely to see in our lifetimes, we're forced to concede that it might just have a better understanding of what the gaming public wants to spend its ever-dwindling resources on. Case in point: Prototype."

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khrisnifer4009d ago

This is perhaps the greatest example of a mere 'blog' trying to pretend it's a viable source of news. It's a thinly veiled hit-piece by a guy / girl who were clearly annoyed that their favourite fanboy game [ie ghostbusters] wasn't picked up by Activision.

Lame lame lame. Gametrailers has the goods on Prototype and it's looking incredible.