"Star Ocean IV Is A Masterpiece." - (Review)'s own Ryan Rigney posts an in depth and thoughtful review of Square-Enix's newly released JRPG, Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Enjoy, kiddos.

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RKRigney4004d ago

If Final Fantasy XIII is a (visually) better game than this, then we all have some totally eye-popping gorgeous gaming ahead of us...

Microsoft Xbox 3604004d ago

This won't help the average review score. Face it the game is crap.

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KidMakeshift4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Do not believe the screenshots or online videos of this game like I did. This game is fugly. I thought it was going to look amazing from all the previews, but this game actually looks worse than Infinite Undiscovery half of the time.

Flat and empty environments
Jaggies and pixelated shadows out the a$$
Horrible and I mean Horrible voice work and cut scenes

I'd recommend Eternal Sonata or Tales of Vesperia, which aren't amazing looking games but are definitely easier on the eyes and ears.

Neoraf4004d ago

Another great RPG in the Xbox360 collection.
The Xbox360 is THE system of choice for RPGs at this moment.

Good job Square-Enix!
Good job Tri-Ace!

For haters: be real HD gamers, brand loyalty won't serve you.

*goes back to play Killzone2.

jav09184004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

since when do reviews matter....especially a couple of repeat textures. I guess some people honestly waste their lives staring at textures... stop looking for a reason to hate on the game. All of a sudden a 7.5 to 8 is bad lol. If the game doesn't do better than a 9 its not worth buying./sarcasm.

Mc Fadge4004d ago

But Star Ocean IV runs at 496p during battle sequences, so you can't be an HD gamer, or even an SD gamer, playing that game

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solideagle14004d ago

is not the company on which MS is betting. i think they should have gone to Level-5 perhaps then they will have decent JRPG. the problem with JRPG is combat. if they can nail it by not repetetive like diablo it always change with the character u play. they should make the combat good.

SaiyanFury4004d ago

@1.1 GhostofSparta

Saying that tri-Ace is one of the worst JRPG developers is kind of short sighted. They've made critically acclaimed games since the days of the SNES. On the PS1, they made Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile, 2 of the most critically lauded RPGs of all time. On PS2 they made Star Ocean 3 (which was criticised, but still one of my favourite PS2 RPGs), Valkyrie Profile 2, which was also received well by critics, and Radiata Stories, another critically loved game.

Saying that tri-Ace is one of the worst JRPG developers is kind of short-sighted if you know their history. Sure, Infinite Undiscovery wasn't well received, but Star Ocean is a timeless series. I will get it on my 360 only if a PS3 version doesn't come out. Since neither MS or S-E gave hard words that a PS3 version is a single impossibility, I'll wait for the PS3 version. I know others here will follow my lead.

MicroSony4Life4004d ago

and it got a 8/10, the Sony Fanboys all over the world would go mad (Killzone 2).

360 Fanboy just look at it as another review and will reserve judgement for there self.

One blood.

cyrus2284004d ago

did u play the game? no so stfu, as much as i like my ps3 over my 360 i still luv star ocean, and not one game comes even close to star ocean graphically besides valkyria chronicles on ps3, name another one that beats star oceans graphics and im impressed, lost oddesy? no, blue dragon F no, eternal sonata nope, folklore F no.

and besides looking great the game is fun, i've played every star ocean and they have not yet failed me.

and whoooaaa tri-ace is the worst jrpg dev????? since when? since infinite undiscovery? u guys r idiots. lets see all 4 star oceans were hits and so were their valkyrie profile games, thats all they made!!!

if ur gonna say they r the worst then u obviously havent played the newer mana games, or magna carta,neverland battles, eternal poison etc, ur just talking out ur behind.

star ocean rocks, if i ever dont like a game i atleast try it and say why u dont like it, because if u dont like star oceans gameplay then u r a strict turn based fan. no action rpg does better except for kingdom hearts, and tales series ties it in combat department, thats it.

fanboys, maybe u'll play it when its released on ps3 with more content which it is.

patterson4004d ago

C'mon S-E! You know you'll get the sales from PS3 owners around the world. Maybe even more so. Make it happen dammit.

NickIni4004d ago

"and it got a 8/10, the Sony Fanboys all over the world would go mad (Killzone 2).

360 Fanboy just look at it as another review and will reserve judgement for there self."

Lmfao. That's complete trash. No side of fanboys is better than the other.

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Argento-Nox4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )


I agree with you on the level-5 comment, too bad MS screwed the pooch on that when they killed True Fantasy online, hence the reason we have WKC on the PS3 and a promise from L5 to never attempt to make a 360 game again, a promise they've kept so far.


I won't go so far to say Enix is the worst publisher; after all they have one of my brothers favorite game in Valkyrie Profiles (PS1 version) and one of my favorites in Radiata stories, but they're definitely not the same calibur as Level-5 or Squaresoft (in their golden age).

As for the most lauded games for the PS1, you forgot two games that probably precede SO2 and Valkyrie; FF7 and Suikoden 2. Suikoden 2 is coveted by many to be one of the most epic rpgs of all time.

@Everyone else

The best rpg system this gen is still the PS2, Persona 4 FES and Devil Summoner 2 (releasing soon) guarantees us that they will remain the best. HD graphics does not make a game, even lesser so for an rpg game. 360 may have more (mediocre rpgs with a few bright spots, but not up to snuff with my PS2 titles) rpgs for now, but I assure you the crown will go to the PS3 when the new Shin Megami Tensei exclusive and Disgaea game comes out for it.

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Snatcher4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Shove all those scores up your ass. You judge a game by its reviews? You are doing it all wrong my friend. Ghost Sparta can't make his own decisions, he buy a game based on the metacritic average score. That's stupid.

What about playing the game itself, before judging it?

creeping judas4004d ago

there you go again. talking about a game you've never even played. if you actually played the game, then you opinion might have some credence to it. otherwise your fanboy pants are showing thru.

Snatcher4004d ago

He thinks he can speak for everybody. He thinks that his opinion is all that matters. Your opinion is bunch of sh*t. You say that a game is mediocre, but you don't explain why. That leaves me thinking that you have not even played the game PS3 fanboy.

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Deios4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

This game seems to look pretty good, but I'm done buying RPGs. I have collected almost every rpgs for my ps one and ps2, and that's were it will end for me. I refuse to buy any rpgs for this generation consoles. The only rpgs I will buy is Final Fantasy titles and Kingdome Hearts titles. I love my old school rpgs better.

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Hiruma Youchi4004d ago

This game is well Received by All the Reviewers. The only Problem is all the Hate towards it from the SDF.

im really serious about this. You guys remember when Disgaea3 came out? It scored about the same scores and they were all happy.

now that SO4 on X360 gets positive reviews they keep findng things to say against it.

RKRigney4004d ago

It's probably about an 8, so the critics are on the money so far. I'm glad that I don't use scores on my site, because then people have to use logical points to argue against or discuss my review, instead of just yelling that my score is wrong.

cyguration4004d ago

I thought that was done and over with.

Anyway, the game looks great. But I've never been much of a Star Ocean fan. Might give this one a looksy.

RKRigney4004d ago

Yeah it is great. Make it past the first couple of hours and it really picks up and remains awesome for the rest of the game. Best of all, it's a prequel, so even without knowledge of what has happened in other games, you'll get the most out of it. (Although I do recommend checking out the Star Ocean Wiki for plot summaries of the other games. There was a pretty HUGE plot twist at the end of SO III that changed every other game in the series forever...

RememberThe3574004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I was trying to get into Lost Odyssey because the story telling was fantastic but I couldn't keep playing because the gameplay was so freakin boring.

EDIT: Yeah, I just read it. Thanks though, and good work.

RKRigney4004d ago

As I said in the review, it's probably the most engaging, strategic, (in general fun) combat in any real-time RPG this generation. It's like Tales, with a bit more strategy.

Unicron4004d ago

I'm a PS3 owner. Had Square Enix kept true to their statement of being muliplatform, I would have purchased the title on day 1. Sadly, they have snubbed many fans. I won't bash the game, that's stupid, and I eagerly await any news of a port.

Why dis4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

So you're going to punish SE by waiting for the *supposed* PS3 version?


Its easier to just say its coming (you hope it will come) to PS3 and then you'll get it.

BlackRaven854004d ago

Well you may be waiting for a long time, if any, and just because there isn't a "Only on 360" doesn't mean it's getting a port. Most likely it was a wait and see kind of thing with Tri-Ace, they don't port games anyway. They remake them but never ported anything to another system. Sales have already shown this thing is bring in the money. Just get over that theory in hoping it's getting a port and pick the game up now. It's ridiculous. Get an Arcade, get a used HDD and you get one month free of live after that it'll go silver, but really, Star Ocean isn't a online game to need such things.

Neoraf4004d ago

Why don't you just go buy a 360?

YOU CAN play Star Ocean 4 today.
It's up to you.

Stopping yourself for brand loyalty... I'm speechless.

Star Ocean:The Last Hope is AWESOME and you only need an Arcade 360. No need for a HDD if you're not rich.

And by doing so, you'll get the chance to play others EXCELLENT rpgs:

Lost Odyssey
Mass Effect
Tales of Vesperia
The Last Remnant
Fallout3-the complete experience
Blue Dragon

Unicron4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

@Why Dis - How is it punishing them? They claimed in the very same interview with 1up concerning Star Ocean and Final Fantasy being on the 360, that they are a multiplatform company. That's, frankly, BS.

@Raven and Neo - I'm sorry, but one game just doesn't justify the price of a console to me. I would love to add it to my collection, but its not worth $200 to me right now. It has nothing to do with "brand loyalty." I waited for the 360 and PS3 to both release, then chose the system that had more games that I wanted. That was the PS3. The 360 is a fine system with a great online service, but I have no time for two systems, and even sold my Wii due to lack of use. I'd rather spend the $200 on games coming up then just more hardware. Oh yeah, and I agree, I have Fallout 3 and love it. But I wasn't impressed by Last Remnant due to just shoddy programming, and I think Fable 2 is an amazing, kickass experience that gets a lot of flak. If I need to, I will play this at my friend's as well.

I'm all for 3rd party multiplatform development, as its necessary in this day and age. Gamers all get to enjoy great games, and third party companies get to survive and keep bringing us games. I WANT more people to know the awesomeness of MGS and Lost Planet and other series without being limited by console choice (or resorting to it as some lame excuse to insult people). But you can't honestly tell me Square hasn't been entirely shady lately. If they never promised multiplatform development, I wouldn't care. Exclusivity happens. But don't lie to your fans. That's something I don't respect.

SpoonyRedMage4004d ago

They are a multiplatform developer/publisher. They have been since last gen, they just haven't got around to putting anything on the PS3 yet like how last gen the Xbox only got FFXI(or did it even get that?).

They do have the improved port of The Last Remnant going your way, FF Versus XIII and possibly Kingdom Hearts 3. Just be patient. It's really up to Tri-Ace, not Square Enix, if SOIV goes to the PS3 and it might not do because they're buddies with MS after Infinite Undiscovery.

I think it may be worth it getting a 360 for the RPGs, there's quite a few, if you ever have money spare.

solidsnakus4004d ago

MS is pretty persistant in throwing that xbox live cash at devs for exclusive jrpgs and dlc. your money there using to stop games from coming to ps3.

4004d ago
Cheeseknight284003d ago

Lost Odyssey: Great story, decent combat.
Star Ocean IV: Great combat, terrible story.

Take your pick! I personally prefer LO between the two.

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slak4004d ago

Thats geart news for square-enix

RKRigney4004d ago

And the developers, Tri-Ace. They really needed a big break after their last few games, which were all sort of rushed... Congrats to them on making a great product.

Rex70004004d ago

i really like this game but it toke time before i got into the game the acting is ok its actual bad when u think that square enix made this game but the acting does really mess up the game 4 me best story line JRPG if lost oddeseey that game wow it just 2 good it term of story line very emotion game lol

BlackRaven854004d ago

What are you talking about? The acting in this is nearly perfect besides Lym, the rest was really good for a jRPG, Lym is just the only downside to it with kay in almost every line, but then again, her character is a little child and that can be overlooked because little kids do act like that sometimes. It's normal.

madmike4004d ago

and i'm all ways getting banned for sticking up for the games for the 360 but i have a ps3 and a wii why miss out on top games i think this war sucks big ones

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slak4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

wait 2 get my hands on this game

for a JRPG this gen i think its one of the best out there

Kamikaze1354004d ago

I still feel that Tales of Vesperia is a better game.