Exclusive: Retail Core i7 CPUs More Powerful than Originally Reported

Maximum PC writes:

"If you've tried to research the differences between Intel's top-end Core i7-965 Extreme Edition and the midrange 940 and budget 920 parts, you're probably as confused as us. And we even have direct access to Intel. But the technical differences between these parts are enormously important for system builders when you consider the price disparity -- $1000 for a Core i7-965 compared to under $300 for a Core i7-920."

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Xbrainer4000d ago

I have had my 920 running ram at 1600 for almost a month now and overclocked to 3800 Mhz and this site is just now realizing its unlocked...

TitanUp4000d ago

i have the 920 processor so how would i get it to go faster i see the pics and just put everything like that? but my ram is pc38500 1033 or 1066 something like that.

i know im asking a lot but if someone could help me out that would be totally awesome might help me get far cry 2 running better :)

Xbrainer4000d ago

never just copy someone else' bios settings and voltages that's a good way to ruin your processor. What you should do is go to a site such as if your interested in overclocking, just make sure you have a good aftermarket cooler, start slow, read a lot of how-to guides and ask questions on the forums. I doubt that your processor is what is holding you back in a game like Far Cry 2 though, it doesn't seem to benefit much from overclocking, you would need a better graphics card to see a noticeable difference.

Kakkoii4000d ago

I've been saying this since the specs for them were first release. The 920 and 940 are identical chips. The 940 is merely overclocked more. And the Extreme has a few very small improvements that hardly justify the price increase.

Go with a 920 and overclock and spend the rest of your money on a really nice GPU/Cooling/RAM.