Sphinx's Sanitarium: Saints Row 2 Review

Sphinx's Sanitarium writes: "Now THIS is how you make a game, people. Saints Row 2 (SR2) contains everything the modern gamer should desire in a game: lots of action to go along with a fairly decent plot, a lot of interaction with the game environment, heavy weapons, hookers, strippers, fast cars, plenty of side missions to keep you from getting bored, and a whimsical attitude which is often lacking in games these days. This is perhaps the finest game I've played in the past several years and you should be playing it, too."

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ape0074011d ago

sr 2 is a an excellent game

buy it now

miamikid4011d ago

Should i get Saints row 2 for the PC? i heard they put out a proformace patch? how much gain do you get from that? at least there doing something about it (Im looking at you GTA4). And is it really that fun?