Microsoft wants you to pay for Titan Pack on Unreal Tournament III

GB says "One of the hottest topics on the Web these days seem to be around the fact that the Xbox 360 won't be getting the massive 800MB Titan Pack for Unreal Tournament III. Some gamers have blamed EPIC Games for the lack of support for the Xbox 360. However, could the blame lie with the Microsoft for limiting the download size?"



Sorry its 800MB not 800GB

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Handsome_Devil4008d ago

If M$ actually charge for this pack, that would only make them look bad. As it is on the competitor console for free, and they already charge for online play.

now don’t think this is bashing, but I really think EPIC would be way better off M$, I can see them keep the GeoW in the xbox 360 and M$ console; but I really don’t see them going for another exclusive with M$ ever again.

especially the way M$ treats their wells.

What do you guys think ??

Cajun Chicken4008d ago

I honestly prefered Epic when they were just working on the Unreal universe. I can't stand Gears. I'm thinking that Epic will find a new publisher for the next big franchise and be non exclusive like ID, I just hope its nothing like Gears.

nbsmatambo4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

i dont know how EPIC is still dealing with Msoft, they have to contort everything they do so they can please MS...

All im saying is Sony says do wat eva the f*ck you want as long as we get a good game...

But Sony only has one good game from EPIC....

I think its about time Sony and EPIC strike up an xclusive deal

- Ghost of Sparta -4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Isn't the Titan Pack free on PSN?

Game13a13y4008d ago

i'm just glad that Sony didn't decide to screw our back side over and over.

socomnick4008d ago

ok this story is retarded, i remember reading a story about how epic decided not to do the titan pack since most of the content in the content pack was already on the 360 version, all the new maps, and splitscreen. Is this story seriously just making bs up.

evrfighter4008d ago

"i dont know how EPIC is still dealing with Msoft, they have to contort everything they do so they can please MS... "

I don't feel bad for them tbh. After they delivered UT3 to pc gamers and blaming piracy because a mediocre shooter didn't sell millions. It's king of a nelson (simpsons) HA-HA moment.

Viper74008d ago

"ok this story is retarded, i remember reading a story about how epic decided not to do the titan pack since most of the content in the content pack was already on the 360 version, all the new maps, and splitscreen. Is this story seriously just making bs up."

Actually patch 1.10 already brought most of the x360:s extra features so Titan pack has the X360 versions extra maps with unique maps. Titan pack however brings a lot more maps with new game modes.

At least on Pal territories you can already download the latest UT3 patch for PS3, it brings trophies, Mod browser(great feature), splitscreen and the bug fixes.

So Titan pack really has nothing to do with X360 extra content, other than to provide the few bonus maps it had for Ps3/PC. Other than that its completely new material.

Cajun Chicken4008d ago

I hear that PS3 patch is unsafe or was that just the Titan pack being up temporarily in error?

Viper74008d ago

The patch has been released and works like a charm. But the actual DLC got delayed. Dunno for what reason, maybe a slight error in code or something that made it not to pass the tests.

Microsoft Xbox 3604007d ago

Hows it like to be shafted by your beloved company?

ThanatosDMC4007d ago

Meh, i have this game on Steam and on the PS3... The Ps3 one is just there collecting dust... online with any platform... sucks... too laggy servers.

If i knew how to make my own dedicated server, i would make one.

Sitdown4007d ago

"I can see them keep the GeoW in the xbox 360 and M$ console; but I really don’t see them going for another exclusive with M$ ever again.

especially the way M$ treats their wells. "

I sort of feel like the sales for Gears 1 and 2 say/dictate otherwise. Seriously...would EPIC walk away from Microsoft because they do not allow them to release free content?...that they(EPIC) would not be potentially making any money off of? But before all that...I would be interested to see or know what other games EPIC would be scheduled to make.

Mozilla894007d ago

That Epic would do a multiplatform deal instead of an exclusive deal with MS. I'm really looking forward to this DLC though, it looks interesting.

y0haN4007d ago

Microsoft wants you to pay for a patch over 8 megabytes, lol.

jro2114007d ago

What are you talking about. Microsoft has done enough to make themselves look bad and what does it matter? People still buy.

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swiftshot934008d ago

yeah, i agree that Epic should stick with a new publisher

Beardown824007d ago

Does anyone even play Unreal III anymore?

Viper74007d ago

The console versions have probably been quite quiet for the past few months, but the Pc versions of UT games seem to have nice and solid fanbase of modders and hc players.

Hopefully atleast Ps3 versions will get more attention now that some of the mods are a lot easier to download and install. Epic should have updated the game with some sort of Ranking or level system that would have kept the achievers more interested. Ofcourse the trophies can keep ppl interested for quite a while (some of them take quite a long to achieve.)

nbsmatambo4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

yea, i caught that 2..

Funny thing is PS3 probably could have DLC that's 800GB in the future due to being able to change the HD and all =D

edgeofblade4007d ago


Wow, delusional much?

Not that I'm defending the 360's proprietary solution... pain in the ass..., I just don't think you had your head on straight when you said that. 4/5 of a TERABYTE? With what infrastructure do you suppose we transmit that kind of data? That would be gone... next month, not counting that everyone would be downloading it at the same time...

nbsmatambo4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

im not saying they are gonna do it or it is gonna b there....

all im saying is that its possible to download something that's 800GB on the PS3, since we already know that there are already 1TB 2.5' SATA's being tested already...

and wats not to say that by 2016 there will be even a bigger HD's, and faster internet connections??

MazzingerZ4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Maybe that internet speed won't arrive to US anytime soon due to all the monopolies there that stop improvements in that matter but you can be sure that in Europe you'll get some crazy download speeds within 2 or 3 years.

100/10 MB is available here in Sweden since 2-3 years ago

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Godmars2904008d ago

Didn't they already charge for map packs? Other stuff that PC/PS3 owners got for free?

Kushan4008d ago

No, size isn't an issue, MS doesn't have a size limit on DLC (Look at the lost and the damned). The issue is still with Microsoft, but it's because they don't allow mod support easily on the 360. It doesn't make sense for Epic to do the 360 patch since half of the content is on the 360 and the other half would have to be 360 specific, but since the PS3 and PC versions likely use a lot of the same data structures (After all, they're cross-platform play enabled), chances are Epic can just do the one patch for both and only need to do minor tweaks for each platform.
Or to put it another way - it's just not worth Epic's time doing the 360 one. Does anyone even play it on the 360?

nbsmatambo4008d ago

Lost and The Damned isnt a PATCH though, its DLC...

The Titan Pack is a PATCH, and MS does have a limit on PATCH size for the people who bought the Arcade units.

Kushan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Nothing is stopping them releasing the additional content as a DLC pack as well as a patch. Look at Call of Duty: WaW - they released a new map for it and on PS3, it was part of the mandatory patch, but on the 360 it was an additional download. Other games have done similar things, I just can't remember which games off hand.
MS is definitely very arsey on "free" DLC, but enough games have it, so there's no reason why Epic couldn't do the same here.

DJ4008d ago

There's a difference between the two.

Viper74008d ago

Titan pack is DLC and patch is just a patch to make the game ready for titan pack and add new features.

vhero4008d ago

Your right and epic have commented on this very idea saying why should they spend days tearing it all apart and recoding just to suit MS? They said its basically impossible right now to split it up like this as some parts are too big so unless MS change the rules 360 owners ain't getting Titan pack.

IdleLeeSiuLung4008d ago

I think it really bottles down to the build as Kushan said. The PS3 and PC version is closer, while the 360 version was delayed. Thus it got the most recent build (at the time). Patching it now would be a monumental task for incremental changes. Epic would probably just want to work on updates for Gears 2 instead rather than patch a game that isn't very popular on the 360. The PS3/PC patch was probably started on while the 360 was in development, but at some point got forked off. I'm just assuming though...

Another thing is as someone else mentioned, if it is a patch then they need to keep the Arcade consoles in mind. They might not have the space for the patch.

A final note, Left 4 Dead got a free DLC so there is no reason why such an old game as Unreal 3 couldn't get a free DLC. There have been other games receiving free DLC as well.

Bathyj4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Is everyone here on drugs?

It has nothing to do with any of that.

Epic could do it. The bottomline is M$ just wont give it away for free, and Epic wont charge for it.

Thats the same reason for all their other arguements. Epic always supports their games with free stuff after release but M$ dont want them to give away such a substanial download because it apparently under values all the crap they charge through the nose for on XBL.

This is all common knowledge.

Kushan4007d ago

Actually Call of Duty was both a patch and DLC and the next map pack is going to be the same (With the exception that the Map pack will cost you).

Argento-Nox4007d ago


If 360 doesn't have a limit for DLC, why has there never been a release of full 360 games on XBL, like Warhawk and Socom for the PSN?
Let's not kid ourselves, there is a limit with certain games as exception, even XBL only games have a limited size requirement.

We all know the PS3 can have it's harddrive freely changed without voiding the warranty, and is the only system with no true limit for DLC or full games as downloads.

Elven64007d ago

@Argento-Nox: Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Xbox Originals, etc say hi.

kickaski4007d ago

Does Microsoft ever put dumb restrictions on their download service? Did Microsoft ever stop Epic from releasing free content? Has Microsoft ever made developers jump through hoops? Was Tomb Raider Underworld ever supposed to be in chunks of DLC for Legend because of size restrictions?

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