Do More Gamers Now Choose The PS3 Over The 360? writes: The question in the headline should be explained: we're not asking which console is "better" and it has nothing to do with sales. The question is designed for avid gamers and asks that if you consider every facet of a video game console purchase, would more hardcore gamers out there choose the PS3 over the 360 at this particular point in time?

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- Ghost of Sparta -4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

...Well, seeing how the 360 hardly has any good games now the answer should be quite obvious: Yes.

Looking back at 2008, it was MGS4 and LBP, two PS3 exclusives, that won the most GOTY awards and LBP managed to outscore every exclusive game on 360, including Halo 3 and Gears of War 2. The Xbox 360 WAS the console to own in 2007 but the tables have turned in Sony's favor. The only "gamers" that still doubt Sony are the pathetic fanboys from the Xbox camp.

Just look at Microsoft's lineup this year and compare it to Sony's for a good laugh.

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Tubby McNutsack4004d ago

I bought a 360 last year in November for Gears of War 2 and sold it in December. That's how much I enjoyed it. Don't be fooled guys, those "good games" on 360 are all multi-platform.

RememberThe3574004d ago

"we're not asking which console is "better" and it has nothing to do with sales."

Try using your mind next time...

cereal_killa4004d ago

RememberThe357 Sales is what fanboys rely on when they know that the quality is now moving towards the PS3 by a far margin.

I have both systems but right now my 360 is collecting dust until April when Ninja Blade is released and spending most of my time playing KZ2 and R2 online.

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Venomish4004d ago

bubble up ghost of sparda

littletad4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I love Killzone 2, but I can't get over the darn controls. Each kill doesn't feel right, as if it was more luck than tactics. But it's depressing how every major exclusive Sony has had, has been setback by minor but significant drawbacks. Lair/controls, Heavenly Sword/short, Mgs4/more of a movie, Resistance/frag fx abuse, LBP/content copyright trouble. And the list goes on and on. Now I'm not dissing the ps3, I love those games and don't care what many say. But you can't deny the troubles Sony has had. Then you factor in the consistent multiplatform quality that the 360 usually wins, and you realize the ps3 can never really get a break. I look at my little cousin and his group of friends, and I can't seem to entice him one bit on a ps3 game. He just prefers achievements, the 360 controller, and xbox live. The same goes for alot of friends of mine. Me? I choose both. And I do realize how many more gamers that prefer a ps3 are older. So lately, it all seems on how old you are. If you grew up loving Nintendo, Sony, or fell for the Microsoft gamble.

RememberThe3574004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

There you go at the insults. Right after I read your first sentence I knew you didn't have anything to actually add to the decision.

And speaking of I Q's
"Not only is the 360 leading the ps3 month after month the 360 out sells the ps3."
- That was redundant.

"Simple fact gamers are not interested in owning a ps3"
- That is not a fact at all. That is what we call an opinion.

"cereal_killa you honestly think quality is a couple of generic fps. Quality would be Fable 2 (an action rpg) , GoW2 (a 3rd person shooter) , SO4 (a jrpg) and Halo Wars (a RTS). The 360 doesnt have to keep shoveling out generic fps to act like its got any kind of a worth while line up"
- That whole thing right there... That was a fat load of BS. Every game you listed is average in their respective genera's. And yes that is MY opinion.

ape0074004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

after kz2,I think of course YES

ps3 has now the biggest game


Narutone664004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

But I bought the PS3 60GB BC when GT5P came out. Never regretted it since then. The Blu-ray, R1, MGS4, LBP, KZ2 are all icing on the cake for me. Hopefully, when GT5 comes out, the PS3 will be more affordable for all the gamers waiting to buy it. I might buy a second PS3 for the smaller LCD TV in the bedroom.

HDgamer4004d ago

Fanboys in general have no interesting in owning a ps3 or a wii. They're fanboys they have excuses that aren't legit.

Microsoft Xbox 3604004d ago

Time has come and the only game console worthy in the HD generation is the PS3.

War Perfected4004d ago

Yes,and those who don't will soon enough!!

FarEastOrient4004d ago


Actually the lead has been shrinking ever since the Wii and PS3 came out, with the Wii of course taking the lead (and collecting dust in my closet). The first year X360 had a 10 million lead, last year is dropped to 8 million... Even VGcharts is showing this even though they spend a great deal of making educated guesses instead of using NPD and Media Create data charts.

solidt124004d ago

The PS3 Cost twice as much as it's direct competitor and it outsold it last week so I would say yes people are starting to prefer it over the 360, not just for this reason either, it is simply a better machine with real exclusives like Killzone 2 and Uncharted. When the Price drop comes the 360 will not out sell the PS3 again until Halo OSDT Maybe.

The Lazy One4004d ago

get your facts straight. The lead was 10 million on launch. It shrank 2 7 the following year, then grew to 8 last year mostly over the holidays.

xboxlj4004d ago

My ps3 is collecting dust right now even with Killzone 2. I find my 360 much more enjoyable. I am trying to find a great game that I can enjoy on the ps3, besides MGS4, but have been unsuccessful. I think I may get resistance 2 this weekend, hopefully it will impress me.

BTW, my ps3 online id is "jesstray", so you don't think I am just a xbox fanboy.

mint royale4004d ago

actually at the time of the ps3's release MS had only SHIPPED 5.5 million consoles (so sold around 5 million). 10 million lead? Yeah right MS had a terrible first year and wasted their chance to get significantly ahead.

king dong4004d ago

as if you have any room to anyone a pathetic pot and keetle spring to mind! your post just reeks of teenage, cheesy-helmeted loser fan-boy. and whats worse 40 other people agreed with you. says alot for n4g.

on topic, just another blog aimed at n4g for hits and a continuation of the nerd war. owning both consoles should be the aim of every true gamer. siting in your bedroom, attacking a piece of plastic because it doesn't have sony wrote on it is tragic imo.

it's telling just how desperate the sony army has become this gen, when day after day, articles like this are posted on various sites hoping to stem the tide of 360 sales..

SiLeNt KNighT4004d ago

considering the fact that at a 2 year release point the ps3 outsold the 2 year mark of the 360 then gamers have ALWAYS preferred the ps3. kind of a dumb article. lets always push that information under the rug and just look at totals? release dates dont seem to matter to fanboys or people that have a lack of common sense.

LeonSKennedy4Life4004d ago

That's understandable.

Have you tried any games like Flower, Nobi Nobi Boy, or Echochrome yet? Those are some of the best reasons to own a PS3! I love the PSN games!!!

I do find it a bit odd that you aren't enjoying Killzone 2 all that much, but to each his own. I've been playing a lot of DDR lately, to be honest.

Stubacca4004d ago

I respect anyone who has both consoles and still prefers the 360. But I feel justified in NOT having a 360 and disagree that the aim of any 'true' gamer is to get both. That's bull. I've played all three consoles and I just prefer the PS3.

I'd rather spend the cost of a 360 each month on the latest retail and PSN games. Why do I need a 360 until I see something I truly want???

All the hardcore gamers I know have traded up for a PS3. That doesn't mean the 360 is rubbish, it just means that most people who are serious about games and in my age range (25-35) prefer spending money on the great selection of PS3 titles.

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xwabbit4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Are you Omega4 but with a new account ? Cus u sound as blind as he is. First 7mil lead and the 360 was out 16 more months. You talk about IQ, you do realize that the PS3 is selling faster than the 360 and it was more than twice its price. MGS4, konami didn't allow for the reviewers to give less than 9 ? I can only ROFL at that.

@king dong
You call fan boy to any 1 who doesn't talk good about the 360.

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Naucious4004d ago

some of these comments are too funny! Im sure i will be able to entertain with my comments as well lol.... so here it goes....

Lets be honest it depends on your prefrence of games, wether your a FPS attic or RPG fan. Both consoles have brought some amazing games, lets be honest many of you will disagree on both sides of the console war, "Killzone 2 is Whack" or "GOW2 is dumb" most will be said by fanboys and some from honest opinions, but dont knock them for it. Can you honestly blame them? It's their opinion, since when is it not alright to state your case? Yeah lol it may be childish but hey thats what makes them them in my opinion.

With "MY OPINION" I bought a PS3 day one 60gig, not being a fanboy but i had a major supply of ps2 games that i still play, mostly RPG's though lol, PS3 has the qualities that im looking for even when at the beginning it was pretty plain, especially games. Now fast forward, i got over 30 games some collecting dust but many i still play. What i can say is the quality of the PS3 games have really stepped up especially the exclusives as of late. There might be some problems here and there but now they are all fixed. With Killzone 2 im sure it will be fixed, if not oh well i never had a problem with the controls anyway. I am a hardcore gamer and no i dont have both consoles, but i will not say Xbox 360 is whack cuz ive played some great games and honestly GOW series is the sh!t! and yes im not a halo fan anymore due to Halo 2, and yes I was the sh!t at that 2 my rank was 37, but just didnt like having to deal with all the racist comments and kids screaming everytime i wanted to enjoy my online experience.

Well enuff said i can go on and on but I'll just state this.... it all depends on your preference of games but both console have amazing games deny it or not but im sure there are games that are on a different console that you want, I myself is included in this statement.

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Zeus Lee4004d ago

Microsoft did a great job this generation in terms of paying 3rd party developers for games and strengthening their Online service.

If there's one thing Sir Howard Stringer will force Hirai to start doing is making sure every single 3rd Party game from 2010 is a Multi-platform game.Sony have the resources to do so,they may not WANT to spend their money sending devs to untalented developers that can't find their way around the Ps3,but I'm 100% positive Stringer understands that this is a NECESSITY going forward.

By doing the above ^,they'll demolish Microsofts strategy and outperform the general competition by offering very high quality 1st party titles.

uxo224004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

This article has got to be the most blantant display of flamebait I have seen to date. "Pssst, let's not talk about which one is better or anything like that." "okay, now Do More Gamers Now Choose The PS3 Over The 360?"

Are you kidding me, Okay let me ask a question, whose suppose to answer this question? I'll tell you the answer this question is to be answered by the fanboys from both sides. Simply because the average consumer will never see the question to start with.

Now, what happens when opposing fanboys are asked a question about their favorite console when those consoles are competing in any form or fashion. So in my opinion, this article only serves and ignorant a$$ flamebait!

Ausbo4004d ago

this site is full of ps3 fanboys

However, I believe it is better right now for ps3 gamers. They have some great releases this year. I have yet to see a good lineup from microsoft. But to say that the 360 has no games is just retarded.

slak4004d ago

taking it all in, would the real gamers out there choose the PS3 over the 360 at this current point in time? If you didn't then, would you now? Or perhaps your viewpoint hasn't altered...?

lord_of_balrogs4004d ago

I could not live without Halo 3 or Gears of War 2, I game these all the time with my friends over Live. Also, I have friends from other parts of Canada and playing through Live is the only time I really interact with them when they're 1000 km away.

Add Mass Effect, Fable 2, and Exclusive DLC on some multiplats, the 360 is my choice.

However, I will purchase a PS3 soon because I don't want to miss out on the great exclusives.

Rex70004004d ago

this type of article enconrage fanboyism lol

callahan094004d ago

lord_of_balrogs, I don't usually agree with your comments, but I'll throw you a bubble and an agree this time, because (even though I can certainly live without Halo 3 and Gears of 2 and if your reasoning makes sense. We differ on a couple of baseline opinions on what we are looking for in videogames, and that's OK, at least you have reasons for your opinion and you don't just come off as a blind fanboy. People probably call you a fanboy just like sometimes I'm called a fanboy, but I believe it's natural to have a preference. I prefer my PS3 for a number of reasons, you prefer 360 for a number of reasons: but I own a 360 for some of the great games I truly couldn't do without, like Fable 2, and you'll be getting that PS3 for some of the great exclusives on that side of the fence.

Anyway, long story short, bubs up for the rational preferences. I like when someone has a preference, can explain why it's their preference, and still accept that someone else would maybe have a different preference.

Why dis4004d ago

I think real gamers go where the games are? hence the sales that supposedly don't matter.

slak4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I agree with you on 360 is keeping me happy right now.......


Rex7000 :fanboyism??? na I want 2 get ps3 need mgs4,R2,kz2

rockleex4004d ago

Because PS3 and 360 tied in sales last year. O_o

We'll see if this year is any different.

Rex70004004d ago

u might not see it that way but other might i mean y the hell is it sooooooooooooooooo important 2 let us know that a system sold this much or more people r buying this system its free ad 4 the people that make the system

meatnormous4004d ago

I say gamers that actualy have money to buy their own stuff will buy both just to get the games offered. I think some people on here just cannot afford to buy a PS3 and a 360 so that is where alot of the hate comes from. If you don't own a PS3, you really are missing out on some GREAT games.

dagreatest414004d ago

I think real gamers are smart enough to know that the only reason why the 360 is ahead of the ps3 in terms of sales is because of its 1 year head start. and did you already forget that not only is the PS3 leading in japan and europe but also in the U.S. it caught up with the 360 in terms of sales in 2008.

4004d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti4004d ago

I agree 100% with meatnormous Given a choice of consoles, most gamers would get BOTH!!! Something wonderful is on both systems for you if you are a true gamer and not a flamer. As to what you buy first is personal preference.

The only reason this is coming up is because Microsoft spent all its gammunition shooting up our wallets on the fantastic exclusives we had early in the holiday season, effectively ghettoizing LBP and Resistance and multiplatform titles like Mirror's Edge. Now it is suddenly PS3's time again, as it was in early 2008 with MGS4.

Give it a couple of weeks and the fanboy tides will appear to change. All the while gamers of all sorts are enjoying their systems without regard to sales, technical capabilities, or exclusives - me included. If they are not, then they can likely be found here bashing the other system to justify their not ownin the other.

JHUX4004d ago

Wii is where the games are at. Hence the sales.

LeonSKennedy4Life4004d ago


...bubbles for the comedy. That was beautiful.

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