UGO: MLB 09 The Show Review

It's rare when a sports title is little more roster update, ahem..cough..Madden..cough. But, MLB 09 The Show distinguishes itself for improving on the nuances of older versions to make a more polished and refined product. Hundreds of new animations support embellishments like the improved bunt defense, a new directional tag system, and fielder routes to fly balls. The gameplay remains challenging, hitting especially, but that is baseball. Hitting a ball is hard.

MLB 09 The Show ensures that those who are looking to experience the major leagues, get that with as much verisimilitude as possible. The Road mode is worth the price of admission by itself, but the oodles of other modes (Season, Franchise, the Drafting) and the stellar gameplay make it a top-notch title.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4005d ago

We are only at the beginning of 2009 but look at Sony, already picking up on where they left off in 2008.

If you want the latest AAA games, buy a PS3. If you wanted them in 2007, move to the past and buy a 360.