TeamXbox: Legends of WrestleMania Demo Impressions

From 85's WrestleMania, all the way into the beginning of the new millennium, 'WWE' was known as 'WWF'. The reason behind the gratuitous blurs is a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Federation, or WWE, which forced a major abbreviation change for McMahon's empire. The annoying result in the WrestleMania Anthology DVD's is the blotting out of every single turnbuckle, Jumbotron, sign, T-shirt and anything else you can think of with the letters 'WWE' on them; not the best way to watch Hulkamania running wild.

Lucky for wrestling fans, THQ has gone back to the WWE's WrestleMania roots with its latest offering. WWE Legends of WrestleMania is like a playable version of the DVD anthology, but without the impossible-to-ignore blurs. 'WWF' has artfully been replaced with just a 'W', which, by the way, retains the classic font that's still instantly recognizable to the longtime followers of the sport.

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