Darknets and the future of P2P investigators

LimeWire's new software illustrates a growing trend: "darknets" are becoming simple to setup and use. As millions of people now find that they can easily create their own private share networks, what's in store for content industry investigators who rely on public P2P networks to find suspected file-sharers?

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thereapersson4006d ago

I used to use Kazaa, then K-Lite++. I tried using Limewire for a while, but I didn't like the way you downloaded the files. I currently use Soulseek now, and it's really great. My collection is over 25,000 files and growing, and next to torrents is the easiest way to find new music online.

Lord Anubis4006d ago

i don't like limewire its more of the old tech where everything is download in sequence while Ares works more like bittorrent and you can Hash files.

na2ru14006d ago

what else is better than limewire? I use Frostwire and it's exactly the same.