OXM: Watchmen: The End is Nigh Review

The conclusion also bummed OXM out. Set 10 years before the graphic novel, the game fills in some backstory, showing you Rorschach and Night Owl as partners and more of bad guy Underboss. It sets up a surprise reveal that it doesn't do much with; maybe that's because The End Is Nigh is actually the first game in an episodic series, but even so, its ending feels weirdly anti-climactic. To twist a Rorschach line, Watchmen fans will play it because they are compelled. And they should. But they should come for the carnage, not the story.

* Street-brawling combat is fun, gleefully violent.
* Great graphics for XBLA; enjoyable co-op.

* No online co-op; way overpriced; blah ending.

* Can OXM please play as Dr. Manhattan in future episodes?

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