'Infamous' PS3 - I Have A Good Feeling About This One (MTV Preview)

Some time this spring, Sony's PlayStation 3 gets another first-party exclusive to bolster a line-up that includes "LittleBigPlanet," "Uncharted" and "Killzone 2."

Getting less hype has been the next one coming: "Infamous." The game is an open-world dark super-hero game. We've covered it here before, and you can read about it in many places. But it seems to have flown under the radar a little.

The game comes from the developers of the "Sly Cooper" series on PlayStation 2, a trio of platforming games that included an increasingly well-executed variety of other gameplay styles. For example, the second game had a great dialogue-tree-driven argument that you had to make one character conduct with himself, in order to convince himself that he should help the good guys. The third game has a brilliant section of pirate-ship combat that had the player steering the ship, firing cannons and directly controlling a sword duels on the deck of the ship all at the same time.

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L Ronald Hubbard4007d ago

Another quality PS3 game to look forward to.

Handsome_Devil4007d ago

After that little girl voice trailer, I actually got really interested in the game. I can see it as a rental first, if I like it I will buy it :)

- Ghost of Sparta -4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

IGN are already calling this game a must buy and they haven't even played the complete build yet. Going by what I've seen so far, I've gotta agree.

Too many AAA games for the PS3 now. I'm not complaining but I almost feel bad for that other console now.

pwnsause4007d ago

they shouldnt have been paying off 3rd parties in the first place for exclusives that make no sense. They should of been putting money to grow their 1st party studios and creating new IPs that belong to them. Why do you think Nintendo has been so successful since they put their foot in this industry in the first place? their 1st Party. Sony is following those footsteps as well.

Handsome_Devil4007d ago

I actually feel bad for my wallet and bank account, they almost gonna be empty for some time this year.

meepmoopmeep4007d ago

yeah, this game intrigues me.

it's a Spring release right? hopefully by April.

season0074007d ago

why did both Sony and Nintendo survive their down time and had chance to have their prime time? It is because they have strong 1st party titles..

Think about N64 or PS3 1 st year, if they didn't have strong 1st party in the first place they would've been out of the industry long time ago...1st party is always terms of game quality and as a source of supplying game to a console...

ThanatosDMC4007d ago

Hmmm... am i the only one that cannot see why this game is a must buy? Yes, i have my eyes opened but it looks mediocre to me. Tell me why? Give me reasons why we care about this game so much?

Hallucinate4006d ago

its all personal taste..some prefer prototype and some perfer infamous i myself dont know much about either game but im more intrested in infamous..though i will admit it being a first party game has alot to do with the intrest =D

ThanatosDMC4006d ago

Geez, i got disagrees without any proper reasoning. Oh well, at least someone PMed me his reasoning.

Ju4006d ago

One reason for me is, its an open world game driven by story not violence.

I also think the visuals, in addition to the free climbing makes this game outstanding (the plasma effects are amongst the best seen on any game so far). The darkish look hides a lot of details, but if you pay attention to those, the environments are very well designed (like the stuff/trash laying around in the streets/tunnels, or the fully animated billboard scattered around the whole city, etc.)

I still hope they can really polish the final game, though. Everything was there in the videos we saw, but it was clear the game wasn't finished back then.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Another Sony-owned AAA exclusive for the Xtards to drool over.

Major_Tom4006d ago

Ya, because you gain some sort of satisfaction insulting people on N4G.

FPShooter4007d ago

another must buy man this year is gonna be sweet.

Abash4007d ago

Need a release date for it now!

jBat174007d ago

infamous will play like assassin's creed + force unleash + steriods.

prototype will be like hulk: ultimate destruction Next Gen. i have a feeling of been there, done that.

Hallucinate4006d ago

"assassin's creed + force unleash"
both of which are awesome =D..although im in minority that thinks that :/

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The story is too old to be commented.