'The Beatles: Rock Band': Which Songs Would You Want To Play?

MTV writes:

"Earlier today, news broke that Harmonix and MTV Games will release "The Beatles: Rock Band" on September 9, and as the reigning rock editor here at MTV News, I was understandably excited by the possibilities this announcement unleashes.

Not the possibilities of actually playing Beatles tunes on "Rock Band," mind you, because I am terrible at the game (as the old joke goes, those who cannot play music write about it). No, I'm talking about stuff like the limited-edition Beatles instruments MTV Games is promising. Of course, the press release fails to mention what those instruments will be, but I tingle at the thought of sitting down behind a Ringo Starr drum kit pre-programmed to play the drum solo from "The End" or plucking away at a George Harrison "Norwegian Wood"-edition sitar. This is the stuff dreams are made of."

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GEESE4005d ago

While my guitar gently weeps, paperback writer, man they wrote a million great tracks. Whatever they get the rights to, will be great.