Halo: 5 Game Genres Perfect for the Halo Series

Halo, arguably the biggest first-person shooter series around, has already proven that it can also deliver a compelling experience in the real-time strategy genre (Halo Wars). But what's next for the Halo franchise? GamePro explores five game genres they want Halo games in.

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Cajun Chicken4001d ago

1. Third Person Shooter

The end. Nothing else works in my head and I've used the FOV patch for Halo on PC and it plays pretty good in third person.

Rock Bottom4001d ago

Yep, that and a Real time strategy. :P

But seriously, Halo wars looks nice, and a 3rd person shooter(if done well) will be awesome, but they should stay away from every thing else, Halo is not Mario or Sonic, there should never be a Halo golf.
Oh! and I'm surprised no one mentioned a Halo gay dating simulator yet. ;o

Giriath4001d ago

They should have left it at 3 genres. MMO, TPS and RPG could all work with so much moderation that it wouldn't be Halo anymore, but racing and action? No, just no!

slak4001d ago

Third Person Shooter good one ummmmm thats it i

Xi4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I could see it fitting a couple rolls.

MMOFPS - big universe, war, big battles and enough differentiation between roles (odst/recon/spartan/qcb/eod/ev a... etc). I could see halo support a game like planet side, with covenant VS humans, or even humans vs humans (yes there is a civl war going on for humans as well... it's in the books)

RTS - halo wars is good, but I think a halo rts on pc with more complexity would be much much better. Halo has a large universe and a lot of content, vehicles, technology that an rts works.

tps - given.

RPG - similar to mass effect, but again, with the technology in the halo universe and the genetic modification that spartans get I could see a mass-effect/fallout style RPG work, though it'd be a lot more action based.

XLiveGamer4001d ago

A Halo MMOFPS? Can work just like Huxley... Do you remember what that is right?

An RPG? Wow its going to have a lot of flaws.

RTS? on PC of course its going to work but this X360 MS and Ensemble just like other devs forget that there is 3 usb ports on the console where you can connect a mouse and a keyboard. Also they can use the the MSN 360 Chat Pad. HEY MicroSoft we have a great CHAT PAD USE IT!

Tony P4001d ago

In your opinion, how would a Halo RPG be flawed?

ps3d04001d ago

Halo RPG would work extremely well if they did it something like Mass Effect.

MMMOFPS would also work good. People already spend insane amounts of time to unlock different armor in Halo and it doesnt even do anything other in change how you look. Imagine ranking up to get better weapons and armor. A Halo MMO might even out do WoW.

A Battlefront game be really cool to but they have to put it on servers. Think of how insane it be to have 50 vs 50

I also think a flight/Space battle type game set in the Halo universe

Well not really a new type of game I think that doing a FPS that was kind of realist and dark to make you feel as if you really in a war. Something like GoW or CoD

XLiveGamer4001d ago

Actually that can be cool and then more kids can sit with their parents and play Xbox 360 together racing with ghost and other vehicles. That sound like a lot of fun right? For them right? You know the kids... they also have the right to enjoy gaming with their parents. That's why the Wii and DS are so successful.

slak4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Thats funny i would buy that so i can laugh at it when i play it

Eiffel4001d ago

Would like to see a horror version of Halo involving a marine with the flood.

Meh a man came dream.

Bnet3434001d ago

so you want Dead Space?

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The story is too old to be commented.