What if Nintendo Was The Only Handheld Game In Town?

Kombo: "In the beginning, the handheld market was created by Nintendo. They've taken down every major brand to challenge their dynasty since the original Game & Watch in 1981. The Game Boy destroyed Sega's Game Gear, Atari's Lynx, and NEC's TurboExpress. The Game Boy Color trashed SNK's Neo-Geo Pocket and Neo-Geo Pocket Color and Bandai's Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color. The Game Boy Advance kept things going by crushing the Game Park 32, GP2x, and the Tapwave Zodiac. And now the DS has murdered the PSP, Nokia N-Gage and the Gizmondo."

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TruthbeTold4009d ago

But Nintendo might as well be "the only handheld game in town". Nintendo created that market, and they've made the right moves every step of the way so far.

chewy3174009d ago

The psp is standing strong, no matter what they say, psp does have quite a number of outstanding games, PSP totally pwned DS upside down in my country (Singapore)

Blink_444009d ago

Lol but the DS pwns every other country.

Seriously tho the DS has some amazing games, the PSP has some good games. But hopefully Resistance Retribution will be awesome so i finally have something to play.

PixlSheX4009d ago

No crisis core. No jeanne d' arc. No god of war CoO. No patapon. No locoroco. Not even ps3-psp compatibility.

I can't even think about it.

zoneofenders4009d ago

no dissidia? no monster hunter?
oh god...............

Cajun Chicken4009d ago

Yeaaaaahhhh...thats a little bit of an overstatement there.

I really like my handheld athologies and occassional Sony published exclusives.

Jellzy4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Tell me about it. Although the PSP hasnt sold nowhere near as much of as the DS, doesnt means its 'murdered' it.

The fact is the DS is just like the Wii, only with slightly better third party support. The amount of utter rubbish thats released on Nintendo consoles is astonishing (There are many really good titles though, just seems to me theres alot more jargon than good). I mean come on, how many pet games do you need to own? The fact that Nintendogs is really the only good pet sim for the handheld is unreal. 2 years on and no other game similiar game comes close in terms of graphics, function, etc... Why the F*** do people buy these games? Its nuts.

The PSP though churns out proggresively better games throughout its lifespan, its just a shame that theres not enough of them. The biggest reason i can see for publishers/developers jumping ship is due to how much Piracy hurt the sales of PSP software. But without homebrew my PSP's no better than my DS (with flashcart ofcourse) other than these few select games that stand out.

Crisis Core, Killzone:Liberation, Patapon, God of War, MGS:Portable Ops, Jeanne D'Arc, Monster Hunter... (Haven't played Dissidia). The PSP just doesnt have enough big hitters. As for these upcoming games for the PSP such as LBP, Motorstorm etc. although interesting they just arent system sellers and wont get the ball rolling again.

Anyhoo to sum up what im saying since im starting to not make sense. The DS although far more successful than the PSP, hasnt 'murdered' it, just rather gracefully stayed ahead.

p.s. I'm looking forward to Cardboard Senki more than any other game. Lets just hope Level-5 localize it.

PS360WII4009d ago

"only with slightly better third party support"

ummm what? The DS is getting the 3rd party support of the SNES and PS2. If that is low then no system ever got good 3rd party support. I think your idea of game libraries needs to be switched over. No disrespect for the PSP but the DS certainly has all the genres in check and with top notch games. Hence why it's selling so well.

Even though Cardboard Senki look alright I never was into making robot games so Ushiro is the one I want :)

Max Power4009d ago

that the PSP has done remarkably well against Nintendo in the handheld market, for Sony's first outing in this market they have done alot better than other in the past.

Jellzy4009d ago

True, i mean look at Sega's Game Gear. At the time it was just a portable Sega Master System and had games that were alot more graphically impressive than Nintendo's 8-but gaeboy. The thing was just a Portable TV with Sega's last gen console built in. Thing was massive mind you and munched through batteries. But like anything other than the Mega Drive (Genesis), and to some extent the Dreamcast Sega's venture into the handheld market tanked aswell.

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