EA could lose NFL exclusivity

TVGB: GamePolitics is reporting that a new case in the supreme court may make EA's exclusive NFL rights illegal. The case is American Needle vs. New Orleans Saints, et al. and should the court side with American Needle it would put EA (and Take-Two, who has exclusive third-party rights to MLB) in violation of federal antitrust statues.


That should be statutes. Sorry about the typo.

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B-Real2064008d ago

That would be so awesome!!! I would love a little variety!!!

GWAVE4008d ago

Same here. EA was at its best when it had to compete with other franchises (namely the 2k series). I think most gamers can agree that Madden has stagnated quite a bit in recent years.

thebudgetgamer4008d ago

that last 2k game was way better then the madden that came out that year

:) and it was only 20$

kparks4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I think most everyone can agree that EA lacks the quality they once had and they keep shoving the same crap down our throat every year and we keep buying it i myself have stopped buying EA games the only EA game i will consider is fight night! JUST SOME EXAMPELS the need for speed series i use to love to play.. and the madden series got stomped out by 2K but EA fixed that problem lol!!

The gaming GOD4008d ago

That's all I'm saying

EA is having a hard enough time fighting off NBA 2k. So just imagine...

PoSTedUP4008d ago

baseball= sony

basketball= 2k

hockey= EA

football= should be 2k

soccer= EA imo, but konami's is real good too.

Handsome_Devil4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Yeah I was going to say

Soccer = PES, it has the best game play ever made. make you feel like the player himself, get you in the team spirit. here in the meddle east when we say soccer for consoles its always PES nothing more.

We even have national tournaments for it,,,,

lord_of_balrogs4008d ago

NHL 2k is just god awful terrible compared to EA's NHL.

BigKev454008d ago

Yeah, NFL 2K5 forever!!!

Theoneneo814008d ago

is probally the Greatest NFL Game to come along since Tecmo bowl i do think this would be great and i have always wonderd how come its taken so long for some one to claim anti trust stuff with EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.