PlayStation 3 Outsells Everything Else In Japan Thanks To Yakuza Influence

The PlayStation 3 outsold the Wii and Xbox 360 in Japan this week. It also outsold the Nintendo DSi, PSP, DS Lite and PlayStation 2, not something we've seen happen too often...

...The bestselling hardware in Japan for the week of February 22nd to March 1st is...

* PlayStation 3 - 36,513
* Nintendo DSi - 35,827
* PSP - 35,588
* Wii - 17,876
* Xbox 360 - 11,795
* Nintendo DS Lite - 11,774
* PlayStation 2 - 5,099

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IdleLeeSiuLung4053d ago

I agree, not bad at all. Good for Sony!

On the other hand, this is one of those MS biased articles posted by Kotaku again! /sarcasm

vhero4052d ago

great news for Sony and terrible news for MS who thought they finally broke Japan with Star Ocean IV but not even an exclusive JRPG could save them in the land of the rising sun.. They really should give up...

theEnemy4052d ago

like what MGS4 did to the PS3 last June.

It almost took more than 50% of all sales!

The PS3 is very well alive with these kind of exclusives!

But for now, bring it to other regions Sega!

FarEastOrient4052d ago

$400 PS3s outselling everything, that is surprising and the Yakuza 3 Special Edition PS3 is more than that too! I can't blame them, I'm a sucker for buying new consoles myself even though my old ones still work except for my three dead Xbox 360s.

SiLeNt KNighT4052d ago

i thought the wii would start dying out a little sooner but we're starting see all those "The Wii is on pace to pass the PS2" articles fade along with the wiis sales numbers. excellent news for the ps3 and psp. those numbers are ridiculous! the 360 is doing ok...considering. but overall sony must feel pretty [email protected] good right now. especially seeing the wii on top for so long. ps3 is set to dominate now. the numbers are going to start shifting in the US also. even with a lower install base of ps3's, Kz2 is going to shift A LOT of units over here and europe already knows whats up and ps3's dominate over there. i claimed it a while ago but ill say it again, by the end of '09 the big three gaming companies are going to shift roles dramatically! at least thats what my common sense crystal ball tells me.

CobraKai4052d ago

Finally, some heat for Sony oughta put pressure on the other guys to really ramp up their game.

Naucious4052d ago

I mean at first it was Nintendo dominating japan in the beginning and then Sony. Now this generation Nintendo again is back on top, and now it will soon be Sony, but this is only one week, im sure nintendo will come back on top again but for how long? Still amazing numbers for sony's PS3 outselling everything including handhelds, im not expecting it to happen another week though, but that would be great if it happens again. THis should bring some fire with Nintendo and MS and step up their game like quest crew did with beat freaks on ABDC lol yeah i watch that show all the time....

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GWAVE4053d ago

Nice. Let's see if the sales last. Remember, one of the biggest (and most valid) criticisms of all those "OMG! 360 SOLD SO MANY UNITS IN JAPAN!!!!" articles is that the sales drop back down to zero just a few short weeks. The PS3 has been selling better, but let's only start celebrating when it can consistently sell better than the Wii.

lalalala4052d ago

I agree, I hope it does. But personally I see PS3 outselling the Wii for atleast 3 weeks (inlcuding this week). Cos of Yakuza 3, RE5, also when FFVII: ACC hits (with FF13) demo, I wouldn't be surprised if it outsold the Wii.

Just wondering, do Japan get the Special Edition FF7 PS3, when the movie is released on blu-ray?

Naucious4052d ago

if they were to recieve monster hunter from capcom then it would be for sure dominate but since its coming to the wii im sure wii will sky rocket again, look at what the psp version of monster hunter 2nd G did? amazing and only sold in japan... FF13 should come with a demo of vs. 13 so that way PS3 owners will know what they are expecting after the experience of FF13... that would be a smart idea just like they are doing with FF7:ACC and the demo of FF13...