Honest Gamers: Secret Wives' Club Review

Honest Gamers writes: "Fate can be funny sometimes. The hand she deals Issei is pretty decent, all things considered. Then, just when it seems like the stage is set for something great, she turns around and presents hentai gamers with competent but generally uninspired fare like Secret Wives' Club. No wonder they call her a harsh mistress!"

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Eiffel4007d ago

Secret Wives Club?


Shadow Man4007d ago

try the game out, you know you want to.

Eiffel4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I'm open minded but I have limits.

And this game may be a reason to have them.

Shadow Man4007d ago

I had no idea this game existed until it was publish here.

*runs off to download Secret Wives' Club*

Rixynator4007d ago

japanese people -_- what can I say?

Tempist4007d ago

Cheaper than the brothel.

squidyj4007d ago

I wash shocked to see this on the front page of N4G.

Shocked because I've actually played this game before (not afraid to admit it). It was pretty boring, I think my favorite h-game had a lot of stats and character stuff in it, you had to structure your day and how you structured your day modified your different stats (or gave you money if you chose to work) and that in turn determined how popular you were with the girls

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