Gamepro Review: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

GP writes: Chop Till You Drop is a pretty fun survival horror experience for the Wii. With a wide selection of wild weapons and brainless zombies to use them on, Wii owners have a downright decent undead slaughter sim on their hands. Folks who have played or have access to the Xbox 360 original should still consider that the definitive version of Dead Rising due to its better visuals and more expansive weaponry and movesets

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addnewman4010d ago

i just got this game and there are alot more zombies then i thought and i bloody love this game it felt like an hour and turns out it was 6 hours that just flew by in killing zombies

ChaoticStupid4010d ago

The reviews are not half bad for this game. Since the Wii is so often compared to the PS3 or 360 in reviews its safe to say this is actually an 8-9 game that got held back by what other consoles can do. Especially coming from GP who I know from years of experience is very anti Nintendo.

addnewman4010d ago

the best review iv'e seen was from Destructoid who reviewed it as a game on its own and not comparing it to its 360 counter part which everyone should do, there are only a little less weapons, graphics aren't as shiny and not as many zombies but still enough for you to always feel surrounded and if you play it on hard man they are aggressive!!!