NZGamer: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Preview

NZGamer writes: "Dark Athena will not only feature a vast and fantastic single-player experience but also the first multi-player mode in the Chronicles of Riddick series. Game modes include your standard deathmatch in the form of six prison inmates versus six prison guards, Butcher Bay Riot where teams must steal a power cell and charge up their designated zone to win the game, and the all new 'Pitch Black' which pits a single player as Riddick against six player-controlled soldiers. This game variant will definitely redefine the term "Game of Cat and Mouse"

Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena is sharpening up quickly and turning over on its good side. The gameplay is original, the graphics are crisper than ever, and the new multiplayer mode adds so much more playtime onto the purchase. Keep an eye out for a review on soon and also an eye for whatever is lurking in the shadows".

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