GameSpy: Major League Baseball 2K9 Review

Both mistakes and success are a little more subtle in MLB 2K9, meaning you won't pay as dearly for slight lapses in concentration, only major screwups. The result is a gameplay experience more fans will enjoy, but an out of the box experience that might not be challenging enough for hardcore seamheads who spent countless hours mastering how to throw the perfect curve in MLB 2K8. Still, this game is by all means a successful update.

After all, using the right stick in any fashion is more satisfying than simply pressing a button to pitch, hit or field, and nearly everything about the look and sounds of the game, from the blades of grass to the fans in the stands, is improved upon. Right-stick integration is the best way to play videogame baseball, and thanks to MLB 2K9 more fans than ever will see why. They may be casual fans, but these days everyone would have to agree: the more, the merrier.

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