Nintendo's Q2 release list

Nintendo has confirmed the Wii and DS Q2 2007 launch line-up for the US. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl tops the list for DS, while Super Paper Mario and Pokémon Battle Revolution (the first online-enabled Wii game) leads the way for Wii.

The schedule also confirms US launch dates for The DS Browser and the Panel-De-Pon-like Planet Puzzle League - both previously unannounced for the territory. Check out the full list below:

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DaTrooF4634d ago

yo,wasn't super smash brawl supose to come during that time period? also am i the only one that cares?

XepheR4634d ago

Super Smash bros is supposed to come out sometime this year. No formal date has been set yet.

TheXgamerLive4634d ago

It seems there games list is always Mario this or Pokemon that, lol, it cracks me up, yet everyone drools over it.

On a very postive note......
My nephew actually got his Wii sent directly from nintendo for his 13th B'day yesterday. My sister got tired of trying to find one and Emailed "N" and told of his plight to find one. He gave up buying one on the week of release to buy his handicapped sister birthday gifts and now he's saving up money but can't find one and "N" sent him one direct from the warehouse, my sister still had to pay but his getting one for his B'day was great!!

My hats off to the company, Well, that's if I wore a hat:)

BBsin4634d ago

Thats not all that great of a Q2 list for the Wii..... when is metroid being released?

ChickeyCantor4634d ago

papermario is a great RPG cant w8 for this new adventure.

Bathyj4634d ago

I was afraid of this. While SPM will be good its slim pickings for Wii. Why didn't they just name it Gamecube 2?

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