Neocrisis: Final Fantasy XII Retro Review

Neocrisis writes: Final Fantasy XII is quite possibly the only game in the series with a strong love-hate relationship. Some people hate it because it wasn't the same as the past Final Fantasies, while others praise the change. I, on the other hand, have mix feelings for FFXII.

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George Sears4008d ago

Cheers for the worst FF I played.

meatnormous4008d ago

I remeber telling everyone that Bashe lives, if that was his name. Working the sewer switches were annoying also. I really hope FF13 will bring back the FF love.

jazzking20014008d ago

i did not have any really issue i followed a gamefaqs walkthrough

thebudgetgamer4008d ago

has it been enough time to consider this game retro?


Tony P4008d ago

I've played a few truly bad FFs. I wouldn't consider this the worst, personally.

I loved the gameplay therein with hunts and such. I spent most of my hours grinding and it was actually enjoyable. I consider that a huge accomplishment in any RPG.

Didn't care for the story though. They could have done completely without the two kids, imo. Basch however had a lot of depth.

el_bandito4007d ago

It was just an "ok" game. Certainly not the best FF, neither the best storyline/characters in the last decade; however it was still fun to play in my opinion. The open-field system as well as the gambit system were really nice and ground breaking-- at least in the FF realm. On the other hand, what I really hated about it is the fact that bosses/monsters seemed a little easier to beat compared to the previous FFs. Not to mention how utterly useless the espers and quickenings were.

ThanatosDMC4007d ago

Fighting a flying boss was such a pain... not to mention one hit could kill you and you can melee the stupid boss. Only ranged weapons could. I hated that...

SaiyanFury4007d ago

No doubt that a lot of people might disagree with me, but as a fan of the FF games on the original PS, this is the single game that brought me back to the series. I wasn't so crazy about FFIX (personally, though I can see why many people say it's a great game), but FFX, FFX-2, and FFXI left me out in the cold. This was literally the ONLY Final Fantasy game that I loved during the lifespan of the PS2. Final Fantasy XII will live forever amongst my all-time favourite RPGs.

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Daver4008d ago

@1 i agree

its the worst FF i have played

jazzking20014008d ago

it seems that it was too complicated for you
it was a blast to play

Daver4007d ago

@2.1 complicated? hmm why would it be complicated? it was not, it was just a bad game

Unicron4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I actually really enjoyed XII. My biggest beef with it was the spells weren't as flashy as previous FFs, and the story focused more on events instead of character. Balthier, Gabranth, Vayne were all so great... if only they developed them a TAD more, I'd have no issues!

Still, I don't regret getting the steelbook edition in the slightest. I also felt the score was quite impressive, even without Uematsu (who still rocks, duh).

San Frandisco4008d ago

i was to inot killzone and other FPS's at the time so only finished like a little more then half or so.. i DID however like the graphics,characters and world with awesome battle system but i couldnt get to much into the story as i usually do with final fantasy games witch is jacked up cuz i need me some awesome stories to dwell on.
and imo if a game can capture you from the start and keep you interested and hooked for the entire game then that my friends is a MASTERPIECE of great story telling.
thats to bad FF12 didnt do that for me-- final fantasy 10 and 7 were all time greatest storytelling FF's.

Lucreto4008d ago

I love all the Final Fantasy games and I love FF XII equal with all others.

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The story is too old to be commented.