Sky News: Killzone 2: Is Game Worth The Hype?

Darren Turpin says
If ever a game arrived saddling expectations, it's Killzone 2. Charged with carrying the hopes of Playstation 3 fans everywhere, the game has been cited as the must-have title to make Xbox owners look on with envy.

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andron4002d ago

So was this a sp only review?

LoVeRSaMa4002d ago

I didn't know Sky News was a games review site.

Also its a bad review, not because of the score, but because all the guy did was compare it to Gears of war 2, its Obvious hes a fan of gears of war to, but flaunting it on Sky news, thats unprofessional.

chewy3174002d ago

I bought the game and played it, sorry but this review aint making any sense, Best fps 2009, 99 percent chance, best graphics: 100percent Game of the year: 35 percent chance.

'Killzone 2 isn’t quite the Playstation 3’s must-have shooter'

Sorry but your wrong, and if you guys are affected by this statement, go buy the game, you will probably feel like beating this guy up...

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THC CELL4002d ago

sky news are pointless at reviewing games...

Mp is one of killzone's best featured
story is yes ok short depends on what setting u play it
Elite is hard

coop is missing i have a feeling there will be new missions for this game with coop in a DLC
maybe not who knows

Helghast Slayer4002d ago

Hahaha band from the gamerzone because of a f#cking bot i destroyed lol. Oh well might as well make good use of my time here. Warning everyone the moderators here a f#cking xbots i swear. Keep your sh!t 360 positive.

The article should read more like, Sky News: Are they worst my hits? lol


it should be named killzone is a lag fest and is a bad rip off of more then half of the half life universe. ps3 kids are delusional. its liek sad dude, they all think they helped make the ps3. not somethign i would be proud of really.

Traveler4002d ago

How old are you? Five?

Killzone 2 is a very, very good game.

cayal4002d ago

My only gripe with the game is that Sev is a lot shorter than the others for some reason?

FunAndGun4002d ago

yeah, I agree. is he like 4'6"?

RememberThe3574002d ago

I that kept getting to me throughout the single player. It's like the camera is on Sev's chest.

OrganicMachine4002d ago

it's just the camera, he's as tall as Garza.. but it's the camera placement.. it's not a camera running around the game, the camera is actually attached to Sev's 3D mesh..

colonel1794002d ago

I saw a video about the tech stuff and they were showing the factory? level, then they zoomed the camaera out and you could see that it was positioned like if it was part of the weapon on top of it, and sev was holding the weapon against his shoulder/chest

That is why he looks shoulder, because the camera is on the weapon, not his eye

I am sorry, i don't know the link, but it was a french site i believe.

Kamikaze1354002d ago

Nipple View Shooter (NVS) FTW.

cLiCK_sLiCK94002d ago

"Nipple View Shooter (NVS) FTW."

Now, who says Killzone doesn't have innovation?

Narutone664002d ago

the knife to finish the sp campaign? I find it kinda funny that the knife is mightier than the gun in some instances.

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The story is too old to be commented.