Best fighting games of our time

AnalogHypes Michael A Writes: "As an all around avid gamer, fighting games have a special niche role in my gaming experience. The type of magnitude of competition is one that I can not get any where else. Over my many years of gaming, I played many games of this genre. Many series have come and gone, some sadly and many more thankfully. This brings me to the question at hand: what are the best fighting games of all time?""

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Pein4001d ago

But where is the great Rival Schools?????!!!!

blackboyunltd4001d ago

rival schools was a classic!

Microsoft Xbox 3604001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

You read my mind! Damn, I was about to mention Rival Schools in here. That game is still better than any next-gen fighters out now, IMO.

Bnet3434001d ago

Rival Schools was nice. I liked the guy that plays soccer. That's all I can remember. His special was he kicks the ball to you on fire.

johnnywit4001d ago

where was pit fighter. Only the greatest 2d fight game /sarc

GWAVE4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I've played quite a bit of fighting games since the days of Street Fighter 2 (I was that kid in the arcade dropping quarters like mad). I'd consider myself pretty skilled at fighting games and I've even won a few tournaments.

As such, I am EXTREMELY glad they gave props to Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear. Both of those games -- in my opinion -- are at the absolute top of the 2D pile if you're a serious fighting game fan. Of course, I love lots of 2D fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom 2, Final Fight, KoF, Samurai Shodown, etc, but Guilty Gear and SF3 are truly the best if you want to play a game that goes beyond frantic button-mashing.

Great list.

ThanatosDMC4001d ago

Funny how no one mentioned DOA... i repeatedly argued that it wasnt a fighting game. I guess, now people agreed. I can sleep tonight...

DMasta7184001d ago

Rival Schools was definitely ahead of its time. Capcom needs to bring that series back.

Hated Greatness4000d ago

I clearly listed Project Justice/Rival schools Right under Tekken in. Are you guys not noticing because I put the Project Justice first?

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ogwilson4001d ago

eeeeeeh im not a big fighting game guy but street fighter is the most fun i've ever had with fighting games

Gargamel4001d ago

I still gotta say MK was a great 2D fighter. how many hours did you sit at the Arcade playing that? Wow do people even remember Arcades???

evrfighter4001d ago

I remember when mortal kombat II came out at the arcade. The place was packed with kids waiting to play it.

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