Gamestrata: Where Do You Rank?

On the whole, GameStrata would appear to look like any other game related website posted by the hundreds but once you're inside, it's a totally different atmosphere; one that doesn't just stop after you close that browser. It stretches beyond your PC and into your console b/c chances are, everyone you just spoke to on GameStrata will be right there when you fire up your console.

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BIGBIRD3244008d ago

Its a great place where games go beyond your tv and discussions about games go on daily

ZoidbergPHD1264008d ago

Have to back the Bird up on this one. A web-based community like this has certainly given an extra "umph" to my gaming experience.

BIGBIRD3244005d ago

For watching my back on this CRAB

todirct4005d ago

That is the great thing about the site, we might talk smak but at the end of the day, we all have each other's back!

todirct4005d ago

This is a great place to get game help and find like gamers to play with. I was sick and tried of all the kids swearing at me on Live, now I have a group of good people to play with. Thanks GameStrata!

Lurfadur4005d ago

I came for the stat tracking and stayed for the community. One of the best gaming communities on the net I have ever come across. Full of user submitted questions, answers, reviews, previews, and videos featuring GS Game Nights is what makes me come back to this site everyday!

eZACKe4005d ago

So I joined GameStrata about a year ago out of nothing but curiosity. I read about it in GameInformer and was interested in the stat tracking. Little did I know what I was about to get myself into. Over the past year I have met the most awesome people ever, and consider them actual friends. I've also learned more about video gaming and the video game industry just through asking and answering questions than I could have from any other site. I visit GameStrata multiple times EVERYDAY and each time it's just a little bit different. Be it Questions, User Created Videos, forum posts, or GameNights, this site has it all and it's always feels fresh. So right now I am DARING anyone to join this site, give it a chance for a week or so and then try to prove what I'm saying right now is wrong. You know what? You won't be able to!

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The story is too old to be commented.