GameStop: "Zero Chance" for Amazon Trade-In Success

Edge reports: "GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo isn't concerned about online retailer Amazon's venture into the used videogame trade-in business-not in the least. "I give the probability of this working at zero," DeMatteo told Edge in a Thursday phone interview."

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TOM4005d ago

I stooped going to GS and EB years ago.Truly cant stand the little assholez that work at these places.Some of the most condescending pricks I've had the misfortune of dealing with. And for that same reason,I haven't traded in a game in the same amount of time. I look forward to trying out this service. All the big games show at my doorstep the day of release and free shipping(with prime membership) plus around $3 off all games in "my gold box deals" means there is no reason to ever go back. GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo might want to get his head out of his ass and realize customer service is important,and you dont find that at GS or eb.HAte 'em

greenmeanie4005d ago

That statement alone has made me come to the decision to NEVER shop at gamestop ever again! I wont even set foot inside one! I always have had nothing but horrible customer service walking into one and it doesnt even matter which one... they are all bad. I just figured it was because the employees are nerdy fanboys but its much more than that! Its all the way up to the head honcho big shot CEO! He is a complete jerk who obviously cares nothing about customer service! Dan DeMatteo.... you just lost a customer who spends 500+ on games and gaming accessories a year! I will never give your store another dime you insensitive prick! What an excuse for a CEO! Come on! I could totally do his job a million times better! How come I am not a CEO? If idiots like this can be CEO's then no wonder the economy is in poor shape!

And I am not saying that this Amazon used games thing is the greatest idea in the world. But the fact that they are trying it is cool and this guy doesnt need to get an additude over it! They already give more for games than gamestop ever does!

antt34005d ago

Yeah, you know what. I HATE Gamestop, and this smug reply to Amazon's venture makes me hate them more.

Will I sell my games to Amazon? Hell no. But I'm not about to sell them to Gamestop either. Ebay is the way to go for your maximum money back on a game.

Qorious4005d ago

Of course they would say that! Why would they compliment a competitor's service?!

M-Easy4005d ago

I trade in my used games to gamefly. They give you decent money & its like you're getting months free rentals.