Bioshock 2: 'Something under the Sea' Console Monster Investigation

Console Monster writes: "A teaser website for Bioshock 2 has been launched. Named "Something under the Sea," the website looks set to include new information regarding one of the most-anticipated titles of this year and I've been investigating not just what's under the sea, but under the clues.

First of all, let's start with what we see. We get an image of the world map with three documents pinned just above Europe. There is also a cross on Ireland with the date 2/20/67. The documents are an image of a Big Daddy doll with bits of seaweed and a slightly messed up helmet. There is then a newspaper article regarding the "apparent kidnapping" of a seven-year-old girl and finally, there is a paper note reporting on the discovery of footprints and the doll picture previously. Being a teaser site, these documents are very likely to contain hidden meanings..."

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IaMs124009d ago

From sounds of it the Big daddy has kidnapped a little girl... that mean Rapture surfaces?

buffalo10664009d ago

if you beat bioshock 1 you will see that there are ways to get to the surface.

is it just me or does anyone see this game being annoying? the game might be set in ireland so that means we will have americans doing the usual terrible impression of an irish accent. i live in clare myself and i love bioshock but i dont think id be able to stick a bunch of people talking like leprechauns for an entire game