Make A Wish By Bidding On A Custom Gears of War 360

For the Gears Of War fans out there, now is your chance to not only scoop up a custom Gears Of War Xbox 360 Pro, but to also be charitable. Clayton Davison of Tech"Know" Podcast is working with Epic Games to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation and is auctioning off the console on Ebay.

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slak4008d ago

looks cool but it wont look good on my blk 360

IdleLeeSiuLung4008d ago

It is considerably cheaper to get a skin... It is ridiculous what some would pay for certain things. Then again I did pay $670 for my MGS4 LE console that later went on sale for $400. I felt pretty ripped of by Konami.

DelbertGrady4008d ago

"The console features a crimson Gears of War logo hand drawn by the Senior Concept Artist, James Hawk, on one side and on the otherside features the signatures of the games Lead Designers."

Dimitri4008d ago

I wish it doesnt RROD.

Eiffel4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Lets see how low the fanboys can go when the system is to raise money for a foundation.
If they remain quiet then perhaps they have a heart after all.

Nineball21124008d ago

Well, hopefully there won't be any "fanboyism" in this thread.

The Make A Wish foundation is a very worthy organization and I think this is a cool way to raise some money for them.

Ebi4008d ago

I think it's pretty neat - I love the COG decal! It's for charity too, so how can you go wrong?

Just wished I had some excess disposable income handy...

Enigma_20994008d ago

... seriously, just ask for donations...