zConnection: Tap Tap Revenge 2 Review

Upon its release, the original Tap Tap Revenge became a huge hit, and it's easy to see why; it was an addictive music game in which you had to tap on circles which moved down the screen to the rhythm of music. It has been likened to Guitar Hero, and best of all, while touting an impressive library of commercial music and a download store full of even more, the game and all downloadable songs were entirely free.

Sadly however, the game had a few flaws, mainly in terms of controls; the tapping was a great system, but there was an intuitive shaking mechanic which sometimes didn't quite work. An arrow instead of a circle signified that instead of tapping, you'd have to shake your iPhone in the specified direction. While adding some variety into the otherwise simple gameplay, this feature unfortunately did not always work, your streak being ruined by the game not detecting your shake. And why is your streak important, you might wonder? Once you've tapped and shook for a certain number of times, which is tracked in the top right of the screen, your multiplier increases, meaning that if you haven't missed a single tap for a while, you'll gain double or triple the number of points than you usually would.

And once you'd reached a streak of 50, you'd be given the opportunity to initiate 'Revenge' mode by shaking your device in any direction. 'Revenge' mode gives you eight times the number of points. As with the other shaking mechanic, sometimes the game would simply fail to register your movement.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 fixes all of these problems and then some. The game is much more responsive, the tilting and shaking gameplay mechanic works far more smoothly. After playing a song you have the option to challenge a friend, buy the track from iTunes or visit the band website, and best of all, you still have that great downloadable song library.

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