BJ: Star Ocean: The Last Hope review

BJ writes: "Graphically, this game is stunning; it's one of the best looking Japanese RPGs out there, with highly detailed environments and quality lighting effects no matter what kind of planet you are on. The worlds are also not one-dimensional; Lemuris is a cold planet, but unlike in say, Star Wars, where a cold planet means the entire thing is encased in ice and snow, there are others things to look at. There are also trees and grass that are not covered in snow, and lots of forestation and wildlife, making it look somewhat like the northwest United States or the woods of Maine during winter. Roak is a medieval planet that has beaches, deserts and mountainous areas, while Aeos is covered in jungles, beaches and deep caves to explore. Developer tri-Ace did a wonderful job creating a varied universe for you to explore between these worlds and the artificial ones you will visit."

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