Console Monster: Ninja Blade Hands-On

With the menu screen, the game greets the player with a panoramic cityscape, skys-craping edifices and bright lights dotting and dashing their way across the screen. Opting to start the demo, not that there were any other options, Console Monster prepared to discover whether their preconceptions will get the better of them, or whether they will enjoy the game.

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GWAVE4009d ago

I think that too many people are putting too much faith in this game. The game is made by a fairly average developer with a fairly average track record. I haven't seen a single aspect of this game that looks unique or overly entertaining.

GUNS N SWORDS4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

..........what people?

and i've actually heard more doubting on this game...........on N4G.

i tried the demo 8 times now, i think this game has something.