Swiffs Rant - Killzone 2 Is NOT COD4! The Controls are NOT that bad!

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- Will Halo Wars outsell Killzone 2?

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4007d ago
XGRaViSmOrSX4007d ago

if KZ2 played JUST like COD4 it would be bashed for not innovating the genre.

since its controls are different (IMO better) everyone complains because it isnt COD4.

damned if you do damned if you dont. i just hope GG doesnt cave in the whiners and change the controls.

4007d ago
yamamoto1144007d ago

Controller input delay =/= realism.

boodybandit4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

COD4 was far and away my favorite shooter this generation and I would have strongly disagreed with you after playing the KZ2 demo the first couple runs through.

Now that I have played and completed the campaign and have logged several hours online I can't help but agree with you 110%. KZ2 is amazing and now my favorite shooter this generation. The online is so addictive I literally have to set the alarm on my cell to stop playing the damn game and get back to life for a bit.

I literally was disappointed with the games controls at first and almost thought about passing up on it. What a mistake that would have been. This games controls are amazing once you understand what GG is going for with them. Absolutely phenomenal game and one of the best ranking systems ever. The more you evolve (unlock abilities and rank up) the more intense the game gets.

ParanoidMonkey4007d ago

Man, you sure are passionate... I wonder how excitable you'd be if you played real sim shooters, like OpFlash or ArmA.

I understand all of these fanboys are going through some sort of metamorphosis, sort of like when a girl's body starts changing and the confusion sets in, but Killzone 2 is still a fairly arcadey shooter. As arcadey as COD4 or Halo? Hell no. That doesn't make it the most realistic game ever made for Christ's sake.

Some of you guys are reminding me of teenage girls with their first boyfriends. They think they're in love, but they aren't. All this teenage melodrama and hormones really getting to them, much like hype and flamebait. If you hadn't noticed, fanboys are easily comparible to teenage girls going through puberty.

P.S. I love Killzone 2, I'm not trolling.

- Fanboys are little girls.
- ArmA and Operation Flashpoint kick ass.
- So does Killzone 2, but in a different way.

4007d ago
ParanoidMonkey4007d ago

Pot, this is my good friend Kettle.

Anyway, my comment was directed at the masses, not FelinePornographer particularly (though he should think about settling down a bit). Seriously, you think no ones called Killzone 2 the most realistic game of all time? You should read the comment section of more Killzone 2 related articles buddy.

Stubacca4006d ago

Killzone is fantastic. I type this at work and can't wait to get home and thrash some folk online.

Great fun. Fantastic shooter. I feel so sorry for all you idiots out there too stubborn to play it.

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SwiffEpics4007d ago


interrergator4007d ago

agreed u r not ppl r still playin like call of duty its actually really funny

UnwanteDreamz4007d ago

I say if you want to play a game that controls like COD then play COD.

No reason you should stop playing COD if you think the controls are perfect. No reason KZ2 should change so that it can be more like COD.

Nothing more to say.

Mindboggle4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

WOW, can you people actually start typing properly, so it doesnt take me 5 minutes to decipher what your saying !

Especially you interrergator, have you even been to school ?

I dont think MSN and Text type is cool anymore, it just makes you look retarded.

LinuxGuru4007d ago

School? What about you?

You forgot an apostrophe (doesn't), and "you interrergator" = "your interrogator".

Don't pick on someone else's spelling or grammar unless you are fully prepared to perform admirably in both.

The gaming GOD4007d ago

Don't judge the grammar of someone when you're grammar isn't all that perfect either.

And for the record, so what? Type text or not, you understood what was said. Hell, my grammar isn't perfect either. Maybe I should pay someone to proofread my comments from now on huh?

SprSynJn4007d ago

If you read his post without putting your arrogance into full gear, and then look at the person he is referring to, you might notice you just embarrassed yourself. Funny when someone corrects someone else but fails to actually read what it is he is correcting.

Good try though.

RememberThe3574007d ago

But the least we can do is try to spell full words and not type like we're text messaging.

Mindboggle4006d ago

What are you talking about? If you would actually read my post then you would know you've just made a fool of yourself.....

LinuxGuru4004d ago

I wasn't being arrogant, I just missed reading the post above...sorry.

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Helghast Slayer4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Killzone2 is Killzone2. If you want to play an unrealistic shooter then by all means go and play COD4. Better yet go and play with your 2 year old Power Ranger i know you want to.

I know you wanna make 50 feet jumps while shooting in mid air with precision aiming lol. Get the f##k outer here man.

DK_Kithuni_714007d ago

I love Killzone 2 but still give people hell in World at War Free For All Deathmatch. Gotta have some love for the "Arcade Shooters" too.

See ya' online - come get some!

The Peoples ARMPIT4007d ago

He is not dissing COD4. I think he is basically trying to say Killzone2 is it's own game and in it's own league. For all the people that can't comprehend thit basic statement i ask you this, CAN YOU SMELL ME?

DK_Kithuni_714007d ago

So "If you want to play an unrealistic shooter then by all means go and play COD4. Better yet go and play with your 2 year old Power Ranger i know you want to." isn't dissing COD?

Sorry! My mistake..

Wake the hell up you smelly bastard!? Killzone 2 is great. I love it. Guerilla Games did a fantastic job. A must buy. Got it day one. Finished the Singleplayer and having the time of my life in Multiplayer. But that doesn't mean that all other First Person Shooters are "unrealistic" and to be compared with "Power Ranger" plastic toys.

Grow the hell up! Loose the fanboy attitude. There are other Shooters on the market. Some even do some things (not a lot) better than Killzone 2. Yeah! That's right. I said it!

Do you compute?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4007d ago

"Killzone2 is Killzone2. If you want to play an unrealistic shooter then by all means go and play COD4"

COD4 is based on modern warfare and Killzone 2 is a sci-fi shooter. How do you get "realistic" out of a sci-fi game?

rockleex4007d ago

and Gran Turismo are both based on modern times.

But one is a HELL of a lot more realistic than the other. Take a guess. ^_^

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hurleypwell4007d ago

ya hes got a point ppl r ganna miss out in this once off game because of one little issue that they dnt wanna adapt with and all their complaining is putting other ppl off buying the game.

Johnny Rotten4007d ago

Going on 40hrs and it's only getting better!

btw did you notice no one does bunny hopping (I don't I need to mention any names).

LinuxGuru4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Bunny hopping isn't really possible in KZ2 thanks to the great jumping animations and how lengthy they are. You can jump quickly enough but you can't shoot whilst jumping.

Bathyj4007d ago

That pretty much sums up the whole approach to Killzone. Its grounded in reality.

Bunnyhopping might be a legitimate tactic in Halo, but can you imagine someone on a real battlefield jumping around like a loon. You'd shoot him first wouldn't you just to take him out of the air.

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