9.5 Killzone 2 Review writes, "It all began with Killzone 1, the PS2 title that brought mixed reviews and various pieces of criticism to the table. It could of been referred to as your average first person shooter. Then came along the PSP hit Killzone: Liberation. This game delivered excellent gameplay and nice graphics for a PSP game. And now Killzone 2 has arrived, the third installment in the Killzone series. When its announcement trailer at E3'05 was first shown, it froze viewers in a moment of awe, instantly creating a big sea of hype. But as word spread of the video's amazing visuals, many began to ask whether the gameplay would deliver that same (or better) moment of awe. So with that said, does Killzone 2 defeat its predecessors or lack in some of the major aspects of a game?"

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