Rumor Killers: Sony "No PS3 Price Cut"


"With so many rumors flying around about a PS3 price drop, TGR thought it would be best to go staight to Sony and get the word, that word wasn't what we and gamers were hoping for."

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predator4012d ago

They have the games no doubt, its just that bloody price that is stopping potential buyers, drop the price and then they would give the 360 and Wii a run for there money

Genesis54012d ago

It's a given that will cut the price sometime. But they are not going to give a lot of advanced notice or people would just stop buying and wait.

predator4012d ago

There is that point aswell

cain1414012d ago


Yep. I wouldn't buy now if I knew it would be cheaper in a month...

Jinxstar4012d ago

Either way its well worth the price...

IdleLeeSiuLung4012d ago

Of course they aren't going to announce it to some "dude" on some website. Stupid story. Nothing new and nothing we didn't already know.

BkaY4012d ago

if they dont want to have a permanent price cut ... drop the price a lil bit when exclusive comes out .. i am not talking about bundles ...

like they should have a $50 or $100 price drop from the release of killzone 2 for whole march or so.... u know wha i mean


no-spin4012d ago

i paid $499 for the Motor Storm 80Gb bundle (backwards compatible) and the satisfaction is 100%. It feel like i paid below the price considering all the functionality the PS3 has. Awesome system, the black beast

Danja4012d ago

Exactly why would Sony announce a price cut way b4 they intend to do...ur logic is correct.

the PS3 is worth it's price if you ask me....but it's still selling well so if Sony think they can hold out a lil longer while coming even closer to breaking even then so be it..they just did that merge so a price cut is likely coming by next month...or in May


i remember going on launch day, and dropping 1100 of my OWN money on the ps3 blurays and games.

Many a 360 fanboy was there that day including the workers(gamestop). The system was well worth it since DAY 1. Its the look on haters faces then and NOW that makes owning a ps3 PRICELESS.

JokesOnYou4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Sony's already losing money, dropping the price would mean further losses on each one sold and for what exactly? They already have decent sales compared to 360 and they have a decent install base that devs can see a decent return on their investment from profits made off potential ps3 owners with multiplatform games. So I don't think sony will drop the price in 09, maybe holiday 09 but likely when the cost of ps3 manufacturing comes down significantly enough to allow sony to make a minimum profit off every sale. At this point there isn't a whole lot of incentive for a price cut realisticly for sony other than for good PR and so that people on n4g/media can say they have better hardware sales= Sure console makers are well known for taking initial losses in the early years on hardware to establish an install base, but every company has a limit on what they are willing to lose, and unfortunately a price drop will mean losing even more money on each console sold. I don't think sony can afford to do that right now.


DominusRebellis4012d ago

Who are the people who even want a price drop? Sure it's nice but for those who have and love their PS3, a price drop doesn't mean anything!

likedamaster4011d ago

As much as a lot of people would like that to happen, only the fanboys would want the price drop but only to brag over the xbox owners on how their "xbox is doomed now that the ps3 is cheaper". It's sad, really.

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Viewtiful4012d ago

It wont help as much as you'd think. Like it or not, consumers have a general "feeling" about how expensive consoles are, and most people still dont even look into the PS3 because it's the "expensive" one.

cryymoar4012d ago

people LOOK at the PS3 because they want one, but don't buy because it's expensive.
You don't know how many customers I have seen say "i'd like to buy an xbox360. What I really want is a PS3 but I don't have the money right now." I'm not lying about that.

SprSynJn4012d ago

Once-and-a-while I speak about this topic with the students I teach or the other teachers who buy systems for their children. Almost every time I bring up the PS3 as an option, their response is always "I want one, but it's too expensive." It's a shame really, but I am one of those who think the price is 100% worth it. I use it almost everyday. Whether it be for gaming, music, or watching a movie, it is a very useful entertainment system.

Jon Cage4011d ago

These stories are lame. Before every single PS3 or 360 price drop the companies SHOUT there is no price cut coming. Last one for the PS3 there was an article just like this one. The next week PS3 was cheaper.

When the PS3 drops in price (can't deny that it's coming). I will evaluate if I want to buy one. I have done this every single PS3 price drop before. It's only that I can't justify to myself getting all 3 systems right now.

Do I want a PS3? Yes. Is it worth it to me right now? No.

cain1414012d ago

They can say no all they went. And as long as they do some gamers will continue to reply no back by not purchasing the system.

(I'm not trying to argue the current price isn't entirely correct, just that some people aren't going to be gaining enough utility from it to make it worth their time.)

s8anicslayer4012d ago

comon not even $50, damn!

OGharryjoysticks4012d ago

They will announce a price drop at E3

predator4012d ago

They will have to otherwise its sweet dreams not matter how amazing the games are

Mindboggle4012d ago

Thats funny because i was just looking at hardware sales data for the last couple of weeks and ive noticed that in worldwide sales it recently been about equal every week between 360 and PS3 give or take 1000 and believe it or not the PS3 has outsold the 360 for the last couple of weeks by around 10,000 units, so its hardly dead. So with a price cut it could be a real threat to the 360....

And these are VG Chartz numbers who always down PS3 sales.....

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