New HD Remix patch details

The patch release notes for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix were announced today. The details were posted on the Capcom-Unity blog.

The patch is supposed to be released in the next few weeks, here's the full scoop.

Please keep in mind, there are technical limitations to what a patch can fix, so we fixed as many as we could given these limitations. I know many users requested patching Akuma, but we didn't touch any balancing this time. This is mainly because I think the jury is still out on him. Sure, he's pretty powerful, but I don't think it's been 100% proven yet that he's unbalanced. I'm not saying that he's definitely balanced, but before we start tinkering with the balance, we want to make sure we're making the right move.

A big thanks to all you guys that were diligent in reporting the bugs that they encountered. Also, a big shot out goes to "The Furious One" who was a big help in compiling bugs and especially to "zerojay" who took his testing experience and actually created a bug data base to help organize the bugs.

Without further ado, here are issues that the patch fixes:

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I'm still whoring the sh1t out of sf4 though right this minute.