Select/Start Games Editorial: How to "fix" the Playstation 3

Select/Start Games writes:

"A few weeks back, I posted an editorial on how to "fix" the Xbox 360. Now it's time to turn the microscope on Sony's big black box, and see what can be done to improve the console…in my own humble opinion, of course.

It's no secret that I'm a big Playstation fan, and have been since the PS1 hit the scene in 1995, and even though the Playstation 3 has improved by leaps and bounds in the 2 years it's been since it's launch, there is still plenty of room to grow."

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LinuxGuru4009d ago

The PS3 is fine the way it is.

Figboy4009d ago

and i'm enjoying the experience that i'm getting, but to say ANYTHING is fine the way it is isn't exactly true.

i think the PS3 can unify it's offering a lot better than it currently has.

this article wasn't meant as some sort of bash against the PS3, obviously, but i saw it as my thoughts on what could make it a more polished, and ultimately respected console by the masses that, currently, don't think it's as good as it truly is.

The Peoples ARMPIT4009d ago

How to fix your journalism skills? go back to school.

Oh by the way, CAN YOU SMELL ME?

Figboy4009d ago

i'm just a gaming fan with a blog.

considering the quality of gaming "journalism" these days, i'm more than a little proud to not be associated with those poor excuses for gamers, let alone "journalists."

bubbles down and ignored, by the way. can you smell that?