Kontrolfreak Gives You a Better Grip on Console Gaming

Designed for both Xbox 360 and the original Xbox, Kontrolfreak is a small plastic attachment that gives you better grip on the analog sticks on your controllers. It's essentially two wings that ensures your thumbs don't slide off and go flying, which honestly hasn't been a problem for us as far as we can remember. But we don't really go ape shit when we play games, despite what Kotaku says.

The price is 2 for $9.95 (enough for one controller), and will be available around late April or May.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4640d ago

hindrance than a help. I'll pass!

Jakens4639d ago

The previews for this item has been mostly (if not all) positive. I will be picking this up when it releases. I want to try it out on all my games, not just the racers. Currently I use rubber thumb grips that fit over the analog sticks, which also work well.