Sapphire's girl puts together a Crossfire system

Fudzilla: "Sapphire pulled one of the more interesting stunts at Cebit. Visitors had a chance to see Ruby look a like, Sapphire's diva, put together a high end rig on Sapphire's stand.

The chassis was transparent, which made things a bit more interesting, and allowed the crowd to see the components being used. The gorgeous Ruby got some help from Andrea Dell' Amico, and the two of them put together a CrossfireX system in no time."

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Bathyj4000d ago

Nice pic. If you look really closely you can see a PC there.

rockleex4000d ago

Reminds me of that Law & Order: SVU chick. ^_^

dirthurts4000d ago

Why even post this?
Wow, a girl can almost put a video card in a computer. Awesome!
Geeze. You can tell she's totally confused.
Sure the pics are nice, but the article irritates me. There are women out there who can do great things with a pc. This girl shouldn't get any credit because she's hot. I can throw this together and wear a thong. where is my article?

But then again, they are nice pics...