GDC 2007: The Light and Dark Sides of 2D Gaming

Castlevania boss talks on preserving a fading format.

Konami producer Koji Igarashi has become, perhaps unintentionally, one of two-dimensional gaming's greatest champions. While the industry marches ahead into high definition 3D, Igarashi's Castlevania games remain determinedly 2D. As he explained at his GDC lecture today, this is partly out of necessity -- thanks to the series' flat sales in Japan and uninspiring 3D outings -- and partly borne of an affection for the art form.

Using the past ten years of Castlevania as a framing device, Igarashi made his case for the continuation of the 2D form, concluding with a resounding, crowd-pleasing cry of "2D will never die!" But why is 2D so resilient? Igarashi sees several advantages -- some of which are high-minded, while others are far more pragmatic.

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