BioShock 2 website implies it's not a prequel

There's something in the sea as the Bioshock 2 teaser website opens. It looks like the game might not be a prequel as some have thought.

The Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams teaser website is now open. The website features a world map with three documents pinned to Northern Europe - Ireland is highlighted below.

The first is a photograph of a nautical Big Daddy. The second is more interesting, since it is a newspaper cutting about a young girl disappearing after a mysterious attack.

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LinuxGuru4006d ago

Oh well, I think a prequel as a calm and more suspenseful RPG leading up to the destruction of Rapture would have been really intriguing.

EvilCackle4006d ago

They've stated elsewhere that the game's both a prequel and sequel, whatever that means.

ParanoidMonkey4006d ago

It probably takes place before, during, and after BioShock. Similar to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (though I'm hoping it'll be much better in terms of overall quality).

swiftshot934006d ago

What ever makes the game have a story as good as Bioshock is OK with me =D

christian hour4006d ago

Yay something to do with Ireland! Finally! Something to do with us in a game! Atlantis is believed to be off the west coast of ireland too. Strange eh? That this would be where rapture is?

name4006d ago

Umm.. what ending did you guys get? I got the little sisters ending. When did rapture get destroyed?

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