PS3 UT3 Supports Keyboard, Mouse, SIXAXIS

Kotaku got their hands on Unreal Tournament 3 for the PLAYSTATION 3 this week at GDC, surprisingly enough, but only got to spend a few minutes with the demo before the expo hall shut down. The version of UT3 running on the show floor still had some work to be done, but it will still quite lovely to look at. Everything was all super-polygony and pretty-lighted and sexy-textured, showing off the Unreal Engine 3 goods and the PS3's poly-pushing prowess. The good news, as you've probably figured out by the title of this post, is that you can choose the stock SIXAXIS controller, with tilt-look, or go PC-style with a USB keyboard and mouse. Nice!

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kornbeaner4630d ago

how will the sixaxis compare to the control and precision of a mouse and keyboard?

Bathyj4630d ago

It doesn't. Mouse with always be better for aiming than a thumbstick. I'll be getting that spitfish mouse controller on PS3 for games like this, but til then KB&M support is great. I hope it sets a trend in console FPS's.

THAMMER14630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

I wonder how many PS3 owners are going to take advantage of the Keyboard and mouse. I figure that more PC shooter fans who would buy the PC version because of the culture of this game all together. It is pretty cool to have the option. A lot of PC only gamers claim that mouse and key board is the best way to go but we will see Shadow Run launches. MUAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

JoeCH4630d ago

I love shooters on my PC because of the keyboard and mouse use. Things can be done on the fly alot easier and quicker. Plus using the mouse is alot easier for targeting. Man, now I am going to have to buy that Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse that I have been looking at!

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The story is too old to be commented.