Play Unreal Tournament 3 Free This Weekend

The Titan Pack, a massive batch of downloadable content, was released for the PC version of multiplayer shooter Unreal Tournament 3 today and to revitalize interest in the game, Steam will let you play UT3 for free all this weekend.

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pwnsause4012d ago

nice, that will probably get some people to buy

EvilCackle4012d ago

Word. That game is dirt cheap to begin with.

user94220774012d ago

Great game never the less, regardless of if you are a fan of the series.

pixelsword4012d ago

I think it is... not sure; maybe I'll check.

Torch4012d ago

According to a fellow member of this site, it's apparently delayed until March 19th; however, the Trophy patch is still to be released for today (haven't checked myself.)

Which reminds me to reiterate what I said in a previous post:

EB Games on the greater Toronto area (specifically Brampton) had used versions of this game for only $15(!) - as of last Friday, Feb. 27th, anyhow.

At that price, it's a steal - with or without the Titan Pack!

EvilCackle4012d ago

Yeah, got pushed back to the 19th last night.