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vickers5004000d ago

It sent shivers down my spine just reading those letters!

Zeus Lee4000d ago

Excellent,hopefully they'll announce the Ps3/PC/360 release date on it.

DeforMAKulizer4000d ago

Nice teaser =D
The picture of the pink "Big Daddy" pretty much confirms earlier reports of having a "Big Mommy"... So thats cool..
Didn't understand anything from the letter though, and its pretty much apparent that the girl was kidnapped by a Big Daddy, or Mommy hehe...
Something tell me we should hear about it in GDC =D I hope so..

Sangria4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Will we assist to the story of the first Big Daddies, so like rumor said, a prequel?
Whatever, i'm over-excited now, it sounds like we will have moar at E3.
What does say the radio on the background? My English skill level is not high enough to understand.

Superted20074000d ago

OMG so there is a big X in Ireland does that mean that it might be set there :D

Max Power4000d ago

maybe they will have a ship wreck or something this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.